Youm e Takbeer Hd wallpapers 2024 Free download

Nawaz Sharif made national defense invincible by detonating a nuclear bomb. It has been 24 years since Pakistan became a nuclear power.

Youm e takbeer hd wallpaper 2024 free download

On the occasion of youm e takbeer, 28 may youm e takbeer will be celebrated with enthusiasm all over Pakistan. Public share Youm e Takbeer wallpaper 28th May 2024 to their friends on their social media platform.

Youm e Takbeer Wallpapers

Youm e takbeer 28 may 1998 is being celebrated as the 25th anniversary of the atomic bombings. youm e takbeer is celebrated on this regard in 1998. In response to India’s nuclear blasts, during the rule of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, Pakistan carried out five successful nuclear detonations at Chaghi in Balochistan on May 28, 1998, after which the day is celebrated as Yom Takbir.


The entire nation is celebrating the 26th anniversary of Pakistan’s nuclear tests on the historic day of Yom-e-Takbir. Today, Pakistan successfully demonstrated its nuclear capability and joined the ranks of nuclear powers. Yom-i-Takbeer is a proof of our nation’s steadfastness, unwavering will and determination to maintain regional peace and stability.

We faced many difficulties in our journey to become a nuclear state. Our leadership and scientists faced various challenges to achieve this remarkable achievement. Today, when we look back on our journey, we have to acknowledge the hard work of our scientists and engineers because without them this success would not have been possible.

Pakistan is committed to promoting an environment of peace and stability in South Asia and maintains its ability to deter aggression or misadventure in any form. Pakistan is a partner in international efforts to strengthen the global non-proliferation regime based on the principles of non-discrimination and equal protection for all states.

Youm e Takbeer HD wallpapers

Pakistan has become 7th World Nuclear Power on 28th May 1998 when Pakistan detonated seven nuclear devices in response to India’s five detonations of Pokhran-II. Youm-e-Takbir is celebrated as a national day in Pakistan on May 28 every year.

youm e takbeer silver jubilee is celebrated as a national day in Pakistan on May 28 in commemoration of Chagai-I and Chagai-II. The tests made Pakistan the seventh nation to possess nuclear weapons and the first in the Muslim world. Dr.AQ Khan becomes a national hero after this day.

May 28 is celebrated as Youm-e-Takbeer throughout the country every year which means the ‘day of greatness’. The day marks the country’s achievement to make its way to the global nuclear club and it is also commemorated as National Science Day to highlight Pakistan’s achievements in the field of science.

Youm e Takbeer Pakistan

On this day in 1998, Pakistan conducted five successful nuclear tests in the north-western Chaghi district of Balochistan in response to continued aggressive posturing by its neighbor, India. Pakistan’s decision to test its nuclear weapons was followed by six nuclear tests by India in the second week of the same month of the same year.

The tests placed Pakistan at number seventh of nuclear weapon states and first in the Muslim world. This brought a strategic balance and stability to the region. Download Free Youm e Takbeer Wallpapers, Images, and Pictures from here and Share it with Friend to Celebrate that day in Pakistan. Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif speech telecast on PTV on 28th May.

The entire Pakistani nation will celebrate the 26th Takbeer Day today with determination to protect the safety, development, prosperity and defense of the homeland.

On that day, Pakistan announced to make its defense invincible by carrying out five nuclear explosions in response to India’s nuclear explosions, and ignoring international pressure threats and greed, then Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif supported the opposition and the nation.

The support made the impossible possible and made the Pakistani nation proud all over the world. On the occasion of Yom Takbeer, public and private events will be organized across the country.

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