Wheat Flour Rate in Pakistan Today

Flour atta, a staple in Pakistani households, holds a significant place in the country’s culinary culture. From traditional rotis to various savory dishes, flour atta is an integral part of daily meals. In this article, we’ll delve into the current market scenario, exploring the rate list for January 2024 and various factors influencing these prices.

The price of government flour has increased by 33 rupees per kg in the capital of Balochistan. 660 rupees have been added to 20 kg bag, 3300 rupees have been added to 100 kg flour. The provincial cabinet has fixed the new prices of government flour. Government flour 20 kg per bag is 2460 rupees, 100 kg is 12300 rupees. While a bag of 50 kg flour has been set at Rs 6150.

Flour Rate in Pakistan

Flour is an important part of our daily life as it is a necessity of every household. We use it every day۔ Every day its price is more or less in the market so we should know what is the price today. So that we can benefit from it۔In many cities of Punjab, a bag of 10 kg flour became Rs 1,500, while a bag of 20 kg flour became Rs 3,000. In many cities, a 20 kg bag of flour is being sold for more than 3000 rupees.

Wheat Flour rate in Pakistan Today

The flour atta market in Pakistan is dynamic, with prices influenced by a myriad of factors. From wheat production to distribution logistics, understanding the current scenario is crucial for both consumers and stakeholders. Factors such as weather conditions, government policies, and global market trends contribute to the fluctuations in flour atta prices.

Today flour rate in Pakistan

Numerous brands dominate the flour atta market, offering various varieties to cater to diverse consumer preferences. From whole wheat to multigrain options, consumers have a plethora of choices. Popular brands invest in quality control measures to maintain their market standing.

Flour Atta rate list 2024

The Provincial Cabinet of Sindh has reduced the relief price of wheat to 11000 rupees per 100 kg, including the sack, by 500 rupees per 100 kg bag of wheat from the government warehouses. While the issue price of wheat in Punjab is still Rs 11750 per bag.

Today flour rate in Lahore

flour rate in Lahore has been a big increase. Due to the increase in the price of wheat in Lahore, some flour mill owners increased the price of flour. The price of a bag of 20 kg flour was increased by Rs. 100, the bag of flour became Rs2750.

The owners of flour mills say that the price of wheat has increased from 4300 rupees to 4700 rupees. The Punjab government did not issue official wheat to the mills, delaying the release of official wheat. The price of flour has increased. In Quetta, the rate of bread made from 165 grams of flour is 25 rupees and the price of bread made from 330 grams of flour is 50 rupees.

ملک کے مختلف شہروں میں آٹے کی قیمت
موجودہ ریٹوزنشہر
2750 روپےبیس کلو کا تھیلااسلام آباد
2750 روپےبیس کلو کا تھیلاراولپنڈی
2900 روپےبیس کلو کا تھیلاپشاور
2900 روپےبیس کلو کا تھیلالاہور
2900 روپےبیس کلو کا تھیلاملتان
2900 روپےبیس کلو کا تھیلاگوجرانوالہ
2880 روپےبیس کلو کا تھیلاکوئٹہ
3100روپے20کلو آٹے کا تھیلاکراچی
3150روپے20کلو آٹے کا تھیلاخضدار
2990روپے20کلو آٹے کا تھیلاحیدرآباد

Due to expensive wheat in Punjab, flour mills increased the price of a 20 kg bag of flour by Rs 100, the price of a bag of fine flour was also increased by Rs 200. In the provincial capital, the retail price of a 20 kg bag of flour has increased to Rs 2,750 to Rs 2,800, while a sack of fine flour will be sold at Rs 11,500. New prices of flour and fine flour have been implemented across Punjab.

Flour rate in Peshawar today

The price of the bag is expected to increase further in the coming days, wheat should be allowed to be imported, wheat mafia can be broken by importing. On the other hand, in the open market of Punjab, there is a slowdown in buying and selling due to high wheat prices, small flour mills are reluctant to buy expensive wheat due to the increase in prices. It is the government’s responsibility to control the prices of basic commodities.


آٹے کا تھیلا

1480 روپے

10 کلو آٹے کاتھیلا

2500 روپے

15 کلو آٹے کا تھیلا

2950 روپے

20 کلو آٹے کا تھیلا

 4700روپے فی من


Flour rate in Karachi

The today flour rate in Karachi have increased so much that the poor are barely surviving, bread is the basic need of man, the government should take steps to reduce the prices of flour. It’s important to keep in mind that atta (flour) costs can vary by location within a nation. These variances are influenced by logistical difficulties and transportation expenses.

Due to cheaper transportation costs, flour mills near areas where wheat is grown may charge less. 1 kg atta price in Pakistan today 2024, because transportation expenses are higher in remote areas, pricing there may be a little higher. Local dynamics of supply and demand can affect pricing since they tend to favour places with higher demand and constrained supply.

Flour rate in Sindh

10 kg atta price in Pakistan today, Understanding market patterns can be gained by comparing current flour (atta) prices to those from earlier months. When compared to the previous months, the price of flour (atta) increased somewhat in June 2023. The increase can be ascribed to elements like rising transportation expenses and modifications in wheat production. However, as costs might vary across different markets and regions, it’s critical to stay current with current information from local sources.

Government flour rate in Pakistan

1 kg atta price in Pakistan today, the cost of flour (atta) varies by brand and type. However, the cost of 1 kg of atta will range from Rs. 150 to 180 on average in June 2023. The price of flour has increased in the country, including Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Hyderabad, Gujranwala, Khuzdar, and Bahawalpur.

12300 روپےسرخ آٹے کی 79 کلو کی بوری
12550 روپےفائن آٹا اور میدے کی بوری
2950 روپے20 کلو آٹے کا تھیلہ
2300 روپےپندرہ کلو آٹے کا تھیلہ
155 سے 160 روپے کلوکریانے کی دکانوں میں میں آٹا
170سے 175روپےچکیوں پر آٹا
140 روپے کلوچینی پرچون

Punjab flour rate today

Depending on the supply of wheat and the demand for atta, the price of atta may be greater or cheaper in various locations. It is also crucial to remember that the cost of atta may change occasionally, so it is best to check the pricing at the time of purchase. In Khuzdar, a 20 kg bag of flour became expensive up to Rs 300 in a week, in Karachi a bag of 20 kg flour became Rs 3200, in a week in Karachi a bag of 20 kg flour became expensive up to Rs 200, in Hyderabad a bag of 20 kg flour is up to Rs 3040.

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