Pakistani legendary actor Waheed Murad Songs and movies

Pakistani legendary actor Waheed Murad was born on 2nd  October 1938 in Sialkot and died on 23rd November 1983.His mother was Shireen Murad, and his father was Nisar Murad, a film distributor. He was also known as Chocolate Hero, He was a Pakistani film actor, producer, and scriptwriter. He got a graduate degree from the S.M. Arts College Karachi and then earned a master’s in English literature from the University of Karachi.Murad married Salma, the daughter of a Karachi-based industrialist, on 17 September 1964.They had two daughters, Aaliya and Sadia, and one son, (Adil). Sadia died in infancy.

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Pakistani legendary actor Waheed Murad Songs

List of Waheed Murad songs

He sang more than 200 duet and solo songs for him. Other playback singers who provided the voice for him were Mehdi Hassan, Masood Rana, Saleem Raza, Akhlaq Ahmed, Mujeeb Aalam, Asad Amanat Ali Khan, Bashir Ahmad, Ustad Amanat Ali Khan, and A Nayyar.

Pakistani legendary actor Waheed Murad Movies

He started his film career at the age of 21 years with film Saathi in 1959. He produced the best Armaan film which was very popular. He made 125 feature films and earned 32 film awards.

List of Waheed Murad Movies

  • Heera aur pathar
  • Armaan
  • Devar bhabi
  • Ehsaan
  • Jahan tum wahan hum
  • Usey dekha usey chaha
  • Dushman
  • Ishaara
  • Doraha
  • Insaaniyat
  • Maan baap
  • Insaan badalta hai.
  • Jab se dakha hai tumhein

He produced films like Insaan badalta hai (1961) (his first film as producer), Armaan (1966), Ehsaan (1967), Naseeb apna apna (1970) and Mastana mahi (Punjabi film of 1971). However, after Mastana Mahi he produced no film except Hero which was produced in the 1980s and was released after his death.


Nigar award

Sitara-e-Imtiaz, the third highest honour and civilian award

Death anniversary of Waheed Murad

The death anniversary of legendary Pakistani film actor Waheed Murad is observed every year on 23rd November.