Monday , October 3 2022

Sindh Culture Day 2022

Sindh Culture Day 2022

Celebrations are being organized in different cities of the province on the occasion of Sindh Culture Day in which participants are participating wearing Sindhi hats and ajrak to highlight Sindhi culture.

Celebrated every year on the first Sunday of December, Sindhi Culture Day is celebrated like Eid festival by the people of Sindh. In this regard, even today everyone is dyed in the traditional colors of Sindh. This day is being celebrated in full swing with the highlighting of culture. Sindhis are expressing their love for their culture by presenting Sindhi cultural tableau at various events or by chanting regional songs.

In connection with Sindhi Culture Day, a function was organized in Hyderabad in which school children presented tableaux highlighting the culture of Sindh.

Children, adults and youth are showing their traditional enthusiasm in the celebrations of Sindhi Cultural Day at different places of Karachi. Youngsters are dancing to Sindhi songs and folk tunes while children are presenting tablo to highlight the beautiful colors of Sindh culture. Young, children and old people have come out of their houses in Sindhi ajrak, hats and clothes to participate in these celebrations.

In groups, young men are patrolling, wearing scarves and hats. In connection with the Culture Day, traditional ‘fish courts’ have been organized across the province, in which local artists are performing their art.

Rallies are also being held on motorbikes to highlight the culture of Sindh, on which youngsters in Sindhi hats, scarves and turbans were seen dancing to the tunes of Sindh folk songs.