Check Sui Northern Gas bill Online with Reference Number/Customer ID

All Consumers of Sui northern gas Check Online their Current Bill with your bill reference number which is given on top of the sui northern gas bill on the official website of SNGPL online bill check service available. sngpl duplicate bill.

Check Sui Northern Gas bill Online with Reference Number/Customer ID

Check Sui Northern Gas bill Online with Reference Number/Customer ID and get duplicate bills from this site, sngpl duplicate bill online Print it and submit in Any bank branch, Post office or Mobilink shop, Easypaisa Shop and UPaisa Shop.ssgc bill view bill ssgc duplicate-bill download duplicate bill of ssgc.sngpl gas bill print online at sngpl duplicate bill print.

SNGPL Consumer Online Current Duplicate BILL Print & Free Download

Sui northern gas bill online Free Download

Get you Current and Previous SNGPL Duplicate Bill from with Commercial and Domestic Consumer number which is given on your SNGPL bill, print it and submit in any Bank or Franches authorized to collect Online BillsSui northern gas bill online:

Domestic/Commercial/RLNG Consumers
Domestic, Commercial and RLNG Consumers can View their bill in a Single-step by giving their Account ID. (printed on the bill)

Industrial Consumers

In order to view the current bill and/or billing history, industrial consumers must register with us. If you are already registered, you may simply log in

The Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL) will print photos of meter-reading on utility bills, like electricity bills, to facilitate consumers and end excessive billing complaints.

Sui northern gas pipelines limited online bill check

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ssgpl duplicate bill 2019.

Bill Duplication method :

You can obtain SNGPL Duplicate Bill if you have not received your current Bill. You want to Pay your duplicate bill on the due date without any late charges. Immediately go to the specified link which is given under put your 11 digit Consumer Bill reference number and print it or download a copy of the Sui northern bill from duplicate bill

SNGPL Customers must know the following Instruction to get Online Bill and Submission process 

Domestic consumers seem to have a number of misconceptions about gas bill For a better understanding, the entire process of bill calculation is shared for the consumers
Step 1 (Gas Meter Reading) Digits in black (first five digits from left) are the current reading of the meter in Cubic Meters (m!) Monthly Consumed Units = Current reading – Previous reading e.g. 13457-13396 = 61

Step 2 (Total Quantity of Gas Consumed)

To find out the total quantity of consumed gas, divide mJ value by 100 to find the value of Hm3.
nv7100=HmJ e.g. 61/100=0.61
If the pressure is applied on your bill and pressure factor is mentioned on your bill then multiply the difference of meter reading with the pressure factor e.g. Facta for (13 85wc) 0 5psig Pressure would be:

Pressure Factor=(14.65+0 5)/14.65=1.034

Total Gas Con$umed=Reading Difference x Pressure Factor

Now, you can convert the obtained mJ value into the Hm3 value.

Step 5 (Bill Charges)

OGRA issues tariff for gas consumption using the unit for energy So. it is necessary to convert the Volume of Gas from Hm3 to MMBTU. GCV is used for this purpose.

GCV may be different for gas being provided from different gas fields. Hm3can be converted into MMBTU by the following method:

* GCV mentioned in the bill e.g. 990
e.g. 0.6307 x 990/281 7385=2.216/i


You can call on SNGPL Helpline number 1199 for Gas Leakage anywhere in Pakistan.

Instruction during Leakage of Gas

Do not Switch on/off Electric Buttons

Do not Use of Match Stick

Closed Main Volve of Gas Pipeline.

Open the door and Windows

Runaway in Open Air Place.

Call on 1199 for Help.


Sui northern gas bill online check

Select your relevant slab as mentioned in the OGRA tariff on the basis of Hm3 consumed in total, which in this case is the 2nd Slab and its cost is Rs. 127/MMBTU. It is pertinent to mention here that the slab is selected on the basis of 30 days. If the bill is for less or more than 30 days then the system automatically selects the appropriate slab in accordance with the number of days so that the consumer can be billed in the relevant slab.

Gas Charges = Gas Consumed
MMBTU x (Relevant MMBTU Slab Rate)

2.216 xRs.127=Rs. 28143

Bill = Gas Charges + Meter Rent + GST

281.43 ♦ 20 ♦ 51.24=Rs. 352.67

Meter Rent = Rs. 20 per 30 days

GST = 17% (Gas Charges + Meter Rent)

SNGPL endeavors to provide correct bills and uninterrupted gas supply to its valued consumers Fa any compliant regarding the gas bill, please contact
the concerned SNGPL Office mentioned in the gas bill.

To learn about the methods to reduce your gas bill and to calculate gas bill with the help of a bill calculator, visit our website


Despite an increase in the current tariff, a subsidy of more than RS. 73 BILLION is being given as per the current tariff during one fiscal year. The subsidy is given to 95% consumers in winter and 99% consumers in summer because the rates for the first four slabs have been fixed much lesser as compared to the cost of purchase. The additional burden of the purchase cost is borne by the government. ssgc duplicate bill.

gas connection online application
When is the pressure factor applied?

SNGPL does not apply pressure factor up to 8’wc to the gas consumer, however, the gas pressure is more than 8″wc. the total quantity of gas consumed is calculated as per the Gas Sales Agreement’s Rule 19 by multiplying reading s difference with pressure factors in order to find the correct value of gas consumed. Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited Media Affairs Department

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