Solar Eclipse in Pakistan on 14th October 2023

Solar eclipse 2023 in Pakistan date and time

The second and last solar eclipse of this year will take place on October 14,2023.This eclipse is called the Ring of Fire, because during it the Moon will hide the Sun in such a way that the outer part of it will appear like a ring or shell. This solar eclipse will not be seen in Pakistan but only in North and South America.

Solar Eclipse in Pakistan on 14th October 2023

The eclipse will begin on October 14 at 08:35 PM Pakistan time and will end on October 15 at 02:25 PM.. You can watch the live solar eclipse 2023 in Pakistan on

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Solar Eclipse in Pakistan on 14th October 2023

The third total and second partial solar eclipse of the year 2023 will take place on October 14 and 15, starting at 8:04 PM Pakistan Standard Time. The total solar eclipse will occur at 10:59 PM and end on October 15. That is, the next day will be at 12:50 PM. The total duration of this solar eclipse will be 5 hours and 54 minutes. Due to the night time in other Asian countries including Pakistan, it will not be visible. This solar eclipse will be visible in America, Brazil, Canada and other countries. The partial solar eclipse is named Ring of Fire.

Solar eclipse 2023:

The solar eclipse in Pakistan today will begin at 03:43 PM and end at 05:22 PM in Islamabad.

Solar eclipse in Pakistan 2023 today timing

The solar eclipse in Karachi will begin at 03:57 PM and end at 05:56 PM.

Types of Solar Eclipse

There are three types of solar eclipses. The first type is a total solar eclipse when the moon, sun, and earth come in line and a total solar eclipse occurs. Citizens have been instructed not to look directly at the sun during this time as it may affect their eyesight.

Viscera is partial in which one part is invisible whereas in the third type when the apparent diameter of the moon is smaller than the sun which blocks the sunlight and the sun becomes darker in the middle while the upper part remains bright like color. This is called an annular solar eclipse.

The halo of light around the sun will be seen in different areas from Gwadar to Sukkur while 90% of the color fire is likely to be seen in Karachi. last year solar eclipse took place on December 26, which was seen all over the world, its duration was six hours.

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