SIEHS 1122 Free Mortuary Van Service in Sindh

Sindh Insurance Emergency and Land Services (SIEHS) inaugurated the 1122 Free Mortuary Van Service. The deceased can be transferred from any hospital through this service. The service will initially be for intra-district transport only.
This service will be available throughout Sindh by dialing 1122. The services will be provided by the Sindh Integrated Emergency and Health Services (SIEHS) and staff under the guidance of the Sindh Health Department.
SIEHS 1122 Free Mortuary Van Service in Sindh

SIEHS 1122 Free Mortuary Van Service in Sindh

Sindh Health and Population Minister Dr. Ghazra Fazal Pechuho said that there are 25 vehicles, 8 Free Mortuary Van Service will be given in Karachi, while five will be given to other districts including Hyderabad, all the remaining Free Mortuary Van Service will be at the district headquarters.

Soon 1122 will have 330 ambulances, 1122 will provide Free Mortuary Van Service and ambulance service is free of cost, Free Mortuary Van Service will work like 1122 ambulance. Adequate SOPs have been established for the provision of Free Mortuary Van Service. This service will be provided free of charge to those who cannot afford it on a first-come-first-served basis.
The Sindh Emergency and Rescue Service (SIEHS) 1122 is a lifesaving emergency service that provides timely assistance to those in need. In addition to responding to emergencies, SIEHS 1122 has also launched a free mortuary van service to provide relief to the families of the deceased. This service is currently available in Sindh and aims to provide free transportation of the deceased from the hospital to their final resting place.

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