Thursday , December 1 2022

Punjab Ramzan Package 2022

Lahore: Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Bazdar has allocated Rs 8 billion for the Ramadan package. The Chief Minister said that this year in Ramadan bazaars the people will get the necessary items as per the prices of 2021. In every Ramadan Bazaar, A1 quality flour is offered to the fasting people at a fixed price which is Rs. 450 per 10 kg Ramadan package of flour.

Punjab Ramzan Package 2022

The Punjab government will provide 20 essential items in Ramadan bazaars at 2021 prices. 20 essential items will be provided in Ramadan bazaars at 2021 prices. Minister for Industry and Commerce Mian Aslam said that a subsidy of Rs. 8 billion would be provided for the provision of essential commodities at affordable rates. Flour of Ramadan package should be available from 09:00 AM to 06:00 PM without any weekly holiday in Ramadan.

Punjab Ramzan Package 2022

The Punjab government has launched a special package to provide subsidies on essential items including flour, sugar, and vegetables and a Supply of items at discounted rates in Ramadan bazaars. Every possible step will be taken to provide maximum relief to the common man during the month of Ramadan. Ramadan Bazaar will be operational from March 29, 2022 according to 25 Shaban 1443 AH.

13 items including potatoes, onions, tomatoes will be available at lower prices than normal market at agricultural fair price shops, subsidy of Rs. The working hours of Ramadan bazaars will be from 09:00 am to Iftar.

The government has given special relief package to provide relief to the weaker sections in the holy month. An effective monitoring system has been set up to ensure that the benefits of Ramadan package reach the common man.

Items are available in the district’s cheap Ramadan bazaars at prices below the required government rates

309 Ramadan Bazaar in the province for the supply of essential items at discounted rates. The best arrangements are made in the Ramadan bazaars to provide relief to the consumers. Special attention is paid to the monitoring of quality, supply, and prices of goods in Ramadan bazaars as well as cleaning arrangements.

Punjab Ramzan Package 2022

The Punjab government has announced the Ramadan MUBARAK package for the people of Punjab this year. Under the Ramadan package, flour, sugar, and vegetables will be available at discounted rates and the Department of Agriculture will also set up fair price shops in Ramadan bazaars. Implementation of Corona SOPs in Ramadan bazaars will be ensured and special attention will be paid to monitoring the quality, supply, and prices of groceries as well as cleanliness and other arrangements.

The government of Punjab has announced the Ramadan MUBARAK package for the people of Lahore. Ministry for Industries and Production has proposed a Ramadan package worth Rs6.3 billion, as the federal government mulls over a plan to provide a package to the Utility Stores. A Ramadan relief package of Rs 7.80 billion has been approved for utility stores.

Punjab Ramzan Package 2022

Rs50 subsidy will be given on tea, Rs20 on milk, and an Rs10-50 subsidy has been proposed on 19 essential items. Rs20 per kg subsidy has been proposed for edible oil, Rs10-30 per kg on pulses, and Rs 20 per kg for gram flour. The ministry has also proposed a subsidy of Rs20 per kg on dates, Rs10 per kg on basmati and sela rice, an Rs.12 subsidy on tota rice, an Rs25 subsidy per 1,500ml bottle, and an Rs20 subsidy per 800ml bottle of drinks. Under the Ramadan relief package, a subsidy of Rs 1.30 billion will be given to utility stores in Koghi. In Ramadan, ghee will be available there at Rs 170 per kg.

The government is taking encouraging steps to provide relief and facilities to the people during Ramadan. Under the supervision of the Punjab Chief Minister, food items will be provided to the people across Punjab at cheaper rates.