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Punjab Pharmacy Council 24th Pharmacy Technician NTS Result 2023

Punjab Pharmacy Council Conduction of 24th Pharmacy Technician Supplementary Examination Result declared . Test Held on Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd April, 2023.

PP Council result pharmacy technician 24th first year gazzete

Punjab Pharmacy Council, established under the Pharmacy Act 1967 as amended in 1973, with the crystal clear objective to regulate the practice of pharmacy. The Secretary Health Government of Punjab acts as President (Ex-officio) while the secretary, bears the office of Punjab Pharmacy Council to execute and exercise all the legislative functions (Section-23 of the Pharmacy Act, 1967) as;Punjab pharmacy council result

The 22nd (First Year) & 20th (Second Year) Pharmacy Technician Examination (Supplementary) 2022 is scheduled to be held on 2nd & 3rd April 2023. The roll number slip can be downloaded from the website of NTS & PPC from 22nd March 2023.

• Registration & Renewal of Pharmacist (Register-A)

• Enrolment of Pharmacy Apprentices (Register-C) [Discontinued]

• Examination & Registration of Pharmacy Assistant (Register-B)

• Examination & Registration of Pharmacy Technician (Register-B)

• Prepare and maintain Registers of; • Graduate/Post Graduate Pharmacist

• Apprentices in Pharmacy • Pharmacy Assistant & Pharmacy Technician

• Issuance of Good Standing Certificate.

• Verification of Certificate

• Publication of Text Books of Pharmacy for Pharmacy Assistant & Pharmacy Technician as per the approved curriculum.

• On the Job Training of Pharmacists/Drug Inspectors.

• Refresher Course for Qualified Dispensers/Chemists.

• Inspect institutions (in coordination with Central Council) imparting pharmacy education to ensure standardized Education and Training.

Punjab pharmacy council supplementary result 2023

• To do such other acts & things as they may be empowered or required to do by the Pharmacy Act, 1967. Punjab Pharmacy Council is generating funds itself for its legislative operationalizes, not receiving any grant/financial support from the provincial government. Budget: 2012-2013 Proposed Income = 43.18 million Actual Income = 54.73 million Actual Expenses = 12.54 million 2013-2014 Proposed Income = 53.20 million All the financial matters exercise through the joint account, which operates by mean of cheques, signed jointly by the Secretary and Registrar Punjab Pharmacy Council. Ch. Muhammad Shamoon Secretary Punjab Pharmacy Council, Lahore.

Punjab Pharmacy Council Conduction of 22nd and 20th Pharmacy Technician Supplementary Examination)

List of Candidates

Test Date : Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd April, 2023