PLRA Virtual Registration Card for Vehicles

The Department of Excise, Taxation and Narcotics of Punjab has introduced a virtual registration card for vehicles, which has solved a major problem of the public. Excise Department has started “Excise at your doorstep” service in Lahore for the convenience of the public. Officials of the Excise Department will visit the citizens at their homes and provide vehicle registration and transfer services. Fee payment will be through online banking.

PLRA Virtual Registration Card for Vehicles

Excise officials will provide home-based vehicle registration and change of ownership facility. The use of technology to improve governance and service delivery is indispensable. Government departments are being digitized for timely provision of facilities, elimination of corruption. Vehicle or motorcycle owners will also be allotted a registration number on the spot.

Virtual Registration Card for Vehicles

Citizens in Punjab who have registered their vehicles but have not received the cards can visit the department’s website to download the virtual card through the website or application. Vehicle owners will need to enter their registration and chassis number. After receiving the e-card, users can download and store it on their mobile for easy access. Vehicle owners must complete the necessary registration procedures. This virtual smart card can be easily downloaded from the official website of Excise Department.

These will contain the same information as the physical cards, including vehicle registration number, owner details and vehicle details. This is not the first digital initiative for vehicle owners in Punjab. Online issuance and digital renewal of driving licenses as well as online registration and verification of vehicles were allowed. An e-driving license has also been introduced to facilitate legal compliance before traffic wardens.

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