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Punjab landrecord online registry procedure

Punjab land record authority has introduced online services for fard, registry, stamp duty payment, entry of registry and computerized land transfer service through Punjab and record web portal, you can downland this application from play store and install in your mobile phones.

Punjab land record authority online registry procedure

Punjab land record authority online registry procedure for getting the fard, registry and transfer the Land is given here. Land records online Service

You can open the official website and Records Online button for fard and fill it CNIC , NICOP, POC OR PASSPORT NUMBER, Search Right holder, Display Section and Pay your fee and Print you fard.

Punjab Land Records Authority

The government of Punjab started the computerization of Land Records with overall objectives to improve service delivery and to enhance the perceived level of tenure security. Punjab Land Records Authority (PLRA) has been set up under the administrative control of the Board of Revenue, Government of Punjab.

Punjab landrecord online registry

How to get Land Records Online in Pakistan.

Punjab Land Records Authority has been established under Punjab Land Records Authority Act 2017 for computerization of rural land records in Punjab, the establishment of land record centers in every tehsil and maintaining the new system of computerized land record services. ۔ On the one hand, the management of the land record center, on the one hand, is on the other hand, keeping the system in sync with the modern requirements of public convenience and changing times so that the dispersed system among most departments and governing bodies is in line with international standards. The posts can be integrated into a unified Land Administration system.

Valuable features include establishing properties for ease of startup business, launching a person from the NADRA facility, accessing land records for banks to obtain agricultural loans, launching online individuals, establishing 115 new land centers. Likewise, the journey of the public service for the gradual delivery of land records services is ongoing, in order to make it possible to jointly supply services from the Department of Mall and the Punjab Land Records Authority to all the divisions up to 206 Revenue State level in two Legislatures. Is being started experimentally.

There are a continuous monitoring and evaluation of different variables in the country especially in rural areas through Information System Management. The Punjab government has decided to set up a separate authority for setting up a new city, which will be chaired by Chief Minister Usman Bazdar.

For more information about the Land record of the fard registry for getting the fard registry and transfer the land records.042-111-22-22-77