Punjab Ehsaas Ba-himmat Buzurg Program Online Apply For Card

The Government of Punjab has started Punjab Ehsas Ba-Himmat Buzurg Program and Online Apply through www.ehsaas.gov.pk.This program for senior citizens over 65 years of age across Punjab under which senior citizens, preferably women, will be given monthly Social Pension so that they can meet their minor needs on their own.

Punjab Ehsaas Ba-himmat Buzurg Program Online Apply For Card

Registration is underway in the Multan district of Punjab under the ‘Brave Elderly Program’ on the direction of Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Bazdar. Eligible senior citizens aged 65 years and above will be given a monthly stipend of Rs. 2,000. Three registration centers have been set up in the district. 32,000 deserving senior citizens in the district will be able to benefit from the scheme.

Punjab Ehsaas Ba-himmat Buzurg Program Online Apply For Card

Details of Punjab Social Protection Authority programs

If you do not have a qualifying record and are 65 years of age or older, contact the nearest Benazir Bhutto Support Program office to register for the National Prosperity Survey at ba himmat buzurg program contact number.

The New Scheme by Punjab Government for Old age Persons which named as Ba Himmat Buzarg Program 2020 launched.bahimat.buzurg Lahore registration center Dec 2020.


Punjab Ba Himmat Buzurg Program is started for the needy people who are 65 years old or more than 65 Years. Initially Rupees three Billion has been allocated in the current financial year for Ba Himmat Buzarg Scheme. Rupees 2000 will be given to People age 65 Years.

In Punjab, there is little financial support available for elderly people through the public sector beyond the formal sector employees. Punjab Social Protection Authority will bridge this gap by launching Ba-himmat Buzurg Program which will provide a dignified social pension for elderly persons above the age of 65 in Punjab. These elderly people will spread key social messages in their respective villages. Rs. 3 billion are being allocated for this program which will benefit 125,000 people, who are not in receipt of other social assistance programs. Rs. 2,000 per month will be given to the beneficiaries having a poverty score below 20. bahimat buzurg program helpline number.

How to Apply
The Punjab Government will start Registration of Ba Himmat Buzurag Program by the survey and the with the help of NADRA. The Punjab Social Protection Authority has been assigned for Registration for all People especially women with the age of 65 Years or Over 65 Years. For this purpose, a survey will be carried out at the union council level for the registration process of Ba Himmat Buzarg Program. This scheme is no doubt a good step for PTI Government and a step forward towards Imran Khan’s Dream (Rayast-e-Madina).

Provide your National Identity Card Number to qualify for Punjab Social Protection Authority programs. Buzarg card details on ba himmat buzurg program helpline number.

Online Eligibility Check

Rupees 2000 will be given to elderly people of Punjab having more than 65 Years of age. Elderly Women will be more beneficiaries. Financial Assistance worth 2000 rupees will be provided as a social pension to those people who are not getting any financial aid from any other program like Bait-ul-Maal, BISP, etc. Ho To Apply for Ba Himmat Buzarg Program is based on a survey that will be started at the union council level and the teams of Punjab Social Protection Authority will collect data of elderly people in Punjab.

Ehsaas Punjab

All the payments will be made through Bank Account through the Bank of Punjab and Beneficiaries of Ba Himmat Buzarg Program will be given BA Himmat Buzarg Card that can be used at any ATM Machine in Punjab/Pakistan. Chief Minister Punjab Launched and Approved Ba Himmat Buzarg Program. This Scheme is only for Women in one family. In case of a woman is not available/died then her Husband will be eligible for ba himat buzarg program.

bahimat buzurg program helpline numbers:042-99232360, 330-9232360.

Ba Himmat Buzarg Program Registration will start from 23 rd November 2020 in all districts and tehsil Levels. in this purpose, a special registration Desk will be established for registration of the Ba Himmat Buzarg Program. Payment will be made after every three Months to the direct bank account. The Sindh government will start issuing Benazir Mazdoor Cards to industrial workers for the first time in the country from this month.


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