How To Check Online Passport Status with Token Numbers in Pakistan

How To Check Online Passport Status in PakistanGood news for Haj pilgrims, passport issuance has been started in Pakistan and 28,000 official Hajj pilgrims were issued with passports. Passports should be biometrically submitted to the respective banks and Last date for submission of Biometric Kara to passport banks is February 26. E passport Pakistan Fee Schedule 2024

is announced at the official website

The Department of Passport and Immigration has started issuing e-passport across the country. E-Gate or SmartGate will be installed at other international airports including Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi. Passengers with e-passports will complete the immigration process by passing through these smart gates. Candidate who apply for Hajj Medical Mission 2024 and Moavineen-e-Hujjaj For Hajj 2024 get their passport in time.

Documents required for passport

Documents required for a passport for submitting online application will get home delivery of their passports. For online application, one has to provide a photograph, a scanned copy of national identity card and old passport, fingerprints, and a scanned copy of parents’ identity cards. Documents required for passport in Pakistan For online passport renewal visit DG Immigration and Passport online portal

How To Check Online Passport Status with token number in Pakistan

How To Check Online Passport Status with Token Number in Pakistan

The normal fee of 36-page e-passport for five years will be Rs 9,000 and that of an urgent one will be Rs 15,000. The normal fee of a ten-year e-passport will be 13,500 while that of the urgent one will be 22,500. The normal fee of 72 page e-passport for five years will be Rs 15,000 and the urgent fee will be Rs 27,000.

The E-passport fee in Pakistan for 72 pages for ten years will be 24 thousand 750, and the urgent fee will be 40 thousand and half rupees. The work of migrating the current machine-readable passport to an e-passport is underway, for which the new system will be installed in the next 6-7 months while e-passports will become mandatory in 2027. For more information on passport rankings, check out the Most Powerful Passports list.


The facility of making an e-passport will be available from any passport office in Pakistan. The e-passport made with modern technology has more than 20 security features. The e-passport will contain all the records and travel details of the passport holder. Soon, the process of making e-passports will be started in Pakistani embassies in other countries including Europe and America.

Passport Renewal Fee Pakistan

The Directorate General of Immigration and Passports has made a facility available online that allows all applicants to check the status of their passports online using a Computerized National Identity Number (CNIC#). tracking each token of the renewal of a Pakistani passport. Passport renewal fee Pakistan Payments made through apps will receive notifications of digital payment slips sent through SMS or email. Payments made on 17-digit payment slips can be made via bank account, ATM, Jazz Cash Easy Paisa, or One Link.

Online Pakistani Passport Tracking

On for online tracking or for online tracking, Pakistan passport tracking is now extremely simple. For Lahore residents, the first phase of the introduction of an app for online passport fee filing has begun today. From the beginning of the following month, citizens will be able to pay their passport fees via a mobile app and a web portal. The app, Passport Fee Asan, is available for download from the Google Play Store.

DG Passport and Immigration Mustafa Jamal directed to introduce an online appointment system for the convenience of citizens. An online appointment system should be introduced for the convenience of citizens and rationalize the entry and exit of passports through the online appointment system.

Citizens should be facilitated in regional passport offices and a system of advance notification to applicants through SMS service should be implemented. The Directorate General of Immigration and Passports (DGIP) is tasked with issuing passports to citizens and simplifying the immigration process, but they are on a mission to make both of these things difficult.

According to the passport department, due to the illegal use of travel documents, it has become difficult to issue the passport on time, the evil mafia is trying to make the passport negative. The process of caution and scrutiny has been increased in the issuance of passports, in the current situation, normal passports will be issued in 21 days, while urgent passports will be issued in five days, fast track passports will be issued in two office days. Passport offices will be open from 08:00 am to 01:00 pm and on Fridays till 12:00 pm.

Track and Trace Numbers in Pakistan

How can a Pakistani passport be checked online on a phone? With all due caution, passport offices will open in Islamabad, Multan, Quetta, and Karachi. Today, Friday, all passport offices will be open from 10:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m.

The applicant will be able to deposit the application fee using his ATM card, easy paisa, and Internet banking card, and citizens will no longer be required to pay additional bank fees on top of the application price. Instead of waiting in huge lines at the bank, citizens who want passport medical report checks online now have the option to pay their fees online.

Passport tracking Pakistan by token number online

The online Passport tracking Pakistan by token number Online fee payment is non-refundable and non-transferable; payment notification will be made via SMS or email based on a bank’s confirmation message. Following payment, the process will begin based on the applicant’s photo and data entry.

The easiest way to take fingerprints of any citizen in the online service can be through his smartphone, but DGIP has made it mandatory for citizens to print and submit the fingerprint form and get their biometric verification done. File a complaint in the citizen portal on difficulties in getting sports.

ڈائریکٹوریٹ جنرل امیگریشن اینڈ پاسپورٹس فیس شیڈول
ارجنٹ فیسپاسپورٹ کی نارمل فیس
روپے15000روپے90005 سال کے لیے 36 صفحات کے پاسپورٹ
روپے27000روپے165005 سال کے لیے 72 صفحات کے پاسپورٹ
روپے22500روپے13500دس سال کے لیے 36 صفحات کے پاسپورٹ
روپے40500روپے24750دس سال کے لیے 72 صفحات کے پاسپورٹ
فیسوں کا اطلاق 16 اگست سے ہوچکا ہے

How to Track Passport in Pakistan?

With the exception of the exit visa, which is now available online for a price of Rs 2,080, the government has moved all visa transactions online. During this time, 3 lakh visas have been issued. MNS has been given the right to establish NADRA headquarters in every tehsil. In FATA, mobile registration for identity cards has begun.

Normal passport applications won’t be accepted; only those that are urgently needed will be handled. Coronavirus reports from those over 50 must also be submitted, and needless visitors won’t be allowed inside passport offices. The software may be downloaded by passport holders via their smartphones, and applicants can also enter the B form numbers for their children as well as the national ID cards for themselves and their families.

Similar to that, people would be able to visit the passport offices and apply after obtaining the 17-part code on their mobile device along with the family data. With Pakistani passport online monitoring, everyone can utilize this technology to determine whether their passport-size photo is genuine. Check the status of Pakistan’s passport online as it is now possible to do so using a straightforward procedure for Pakistan passport monitoring.

How to get Visa Protector from the Protectorate of Emigrants in Pakistan

Saudi Arabia declares that Pakistani people will receive visas upon arrival at the airport, enabling them to perform Umrah. This multifunctional visa may be valid for a year, however, it is necessary to have a Schengen visa from a US, UK, or European nation. However, this visa cannot be used to apply for a Hajj visa. This visa costs 400 riyals and can be purchased at any international airport, but the requisite credit card payment in cash will not be allowed. The Pakistanis will stay in Saudi Arabia for three months after that, and Saudi Arabia will have multiple opportunities to transport them.

The second condition is that anyone applying for a visa must fly on a Saudi airline, such as Fly Nose or Fly Deal. However, this restriction only applies to first-time tourists and pilgrims; habitual travelers may use another airline. Online passport tracking for Pakistan Online tracking of Pakistani passports is free and includes names. On the official website of Pakistan, you can track the progress of your passport there online.

How To Check Online Passport Status in Pakistan

Following a few easy steps, you can check the validity of your Pakistani passport online using your CNIC number and the dgip government of Pakistan token number. The potential applicant can visit the Play Store and download the Passport Fee Asan app, which has various categories, including New Passport Old Passport Renewal.

Open your browser and navigate to the DGIP website’s official page at tracking number to check your passport token number online. Register There as a User for Pakistani Passport Token Number Check Online Now Visit token number check online and select the Online Passport Tracking System or Click Here To Go Online Passport Tracking. Click on the search passport token number check online Pakistan link and enter your 11-digit tracking code that is printed on the token number. The screen of Pakistani passport monitoring by cnic will provide your complete details as well as the progress of your online passport tracking.

The online tool to check your passport status can only be accessed three times a day, and only logged-in users are able to renew your Pakistani passport online. Only Pakistani passport numbers that have been processed during the last three months can be used by users to verify the status of Machine Readable Passports (MRP). A passport Tracking Intimation System based on SMS has been introduced by the Directorate General Immigration & Passports.

Printing and Shipping/Delivery of their applied passports are two stages in the passport processing process that DGI&P tells its valued clients about via this service via SMS code 9988 on their specified mobile phone.

How To Check Passport Status With SMS:

online passport number check SMS-based passport tracking is available at You only need to transmit your 11-digit token number to 9988 after entering it in your message box. Within seconds, the whole contents of your passport, including its status, will appear on your mobile device. hours of the passport office.

The applicant can check the status of their Pakistani passport in Pakistan by texting 9988. The user can click and choose from the options under “The passport is to be made for 5 years or for 10 years” as needed. They must provide the B-form number from their children’s birth certificates as well as the number of family members they will be applying for the passport under on the Facebook app.

Address of Directorate General of Immigration & Passports Headquarters

The extraordinary rush of citizens to obtain new passports persists despite the denial of the fee increase, and in order to control the situation, it was ordered to open some regional passport offices nationwide beginning on Saturday, February 11, a holiday. For information on the status of Pakistani passports, contact the Directorate General of Immigration and Passports at Mauve Area, G-8/1, Islamabad,

10 years passport fee in Pakistan

Pakistan. For a cost of Rs. 3,000, poor individuals would receive in passport office timings that are valid for 10 years.

Director-GeneralDr. Shahzad Khan Bangash91070709107071
Director HeadquarterMian Aurangzeb91070449107045

For more information, please contact 0092-51-111-344-777 for international users. Call 051-111-344-777 for national/mobile users. A 36-page passport for five years costs Rs. 3,000, an urgent charge is Rs. 5,000, and a 72-page passport for five years costs Rs. 7,500, according to a notification from the Directorate General of Immigration and Passports. It will cost 9,000 rupees.

A 100-page passport with five years of validity costs Rs 6,000, whereas an urgent passport costs Rs 12,000 for each application. Similarly to this, a 36-page passport for 10 years is Rs 4,500, while the urgent fee for a 72-page passport is Rs 8,250, and both fees together total Rs 13,500.

 Accounts Officer9107056
 Deputy Director (Policy)9107048
 Assistant Director (Admin)9107057
 Assistant Director (Black List)9107052
 Assistant Director (Immigration)9107277
 Assistant Director Passport(Distribution)9107083
 Assistant Director (Official / Diplomatic) Passport9107053
 Assistant Director (Visa)9107049
 Assistant Director (Legal)9107075

You can also Track your Passport from this help line.

Passports with the following Token numbers are ready:

After examining the issues that passport applicants have encountered, you can check your passport online for free in 2023. Applicants will no longer need to frequently visit passport offices or wait in a large queue in order to Verify Pakistani Passport Online thanks to the advent of this really helpful service.

Complete the process of checking your passport in Pakistan using the online method offered by the Directorate General of Immigration & Passports to track your passport status. Details may be found on the website or by SMS. Pakistani passport renewal form online.

People can now analyse their 2024 Online Pakistani Passport Verification. You can perform online passport verification by simply following a few easy steps rather than spending hours in queue.

Enter Your Token Number 

Pakistani passport status can also be tracked online via a website and SMS. You may check the validity of your passport online at the passport office in Karachi, but the directorate general for immigration and passports has just introduced a new online passport verification service that streamlines the procedure.

Your passport can be tracked in two easy ways. In accordance with Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif’s directives, NADRA has opened a new public facility and will now also issue passports at 30 centers around the nation, including Islamabad, Karachi, and Lahore. 12 in the Lahore region, 2 in Karachi, and 6 in Multan, according to media sources.

Two centers in Sargodha will have access to this facility. Four NADRA locations in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and two in the region of Islamabad also offer passport creation services. The NADRA offices now have a passport counter. On June 10, this institution will also get its official opening by the prime minister or interior minister. These facilities People who are coming to receive passports will have access to a separate waiting room and other amenities.

Pakistani passport holders can travel to 11 countries and states of the world without obtaining a visa. These countries and states include Barbados, Cook Iceland, Dominican Republic, Gambia, Micronesia, Montserrat, Trinidad and Tobago, Haiti, and St. Vincent. Apart from this, Pakistani passport holders can get visas on arrival in 21 countries including Qatar, Somalia, Maldives, Senegal, Rwanda, and Cambodia.

You can get a Travel Authorization Document (ETA). Apart from these countries, Pakistani passport holders will have to obtain a visa to travel to any country in the world.

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