Online Verification of Driving License in Pakistan

LAHORE: Punjab Police department has started the online renewal of driving license by adding another enhancement to the online services of driving license. All Persons who get their Driving License from the Traffic Police office can get online information about their driving License and Check the Online Status of Driving.

Preparation of app for online driving license facility is in final stage. Citizens are self-renewing their regular license and international license online. So far 842 citizens have applied for regular online license renewal in the services launched. Urban learners can renew old licenses and make international licenses online at

Citizens are now renewing their regular and international licenses at home, online license services will reduce the rush of service centers and other traffic offices. Punjab government has taken an important decision on driving license fees. Those who obtain a motorcycle driving license will have to pay a fee of Rs. 980 and those who obtain a car or jeep license will have to pay a fee of Rs. 2,280. Similarly, the fee for LTV and HTV license will be increased to Rs. 2,480, and the annual regular fee of tractor commercial will be Rs. 1,980. And the fee of agricultural tractor has been increased to 1 thousand 480 rupees.

DLIMS Online Learning Deriver License App in Punjab

Learner traffic license can also be obtained from the front desk of urban police station. Action on driving vehicles and motorcycles without driving license is ongoing on the part of the government, due to the strictness of the traffic police, a large number of citizens are getting licenses.

The 5-year fee for motorcycle rickshaw license has been increased from 550 to 500 per annum. The 5-year fee for motor car, jeep has been increased from 950 to 1800 per annum, while the driving license holder of motor car, jeep will pay Rs 1800. The 5-year fee for light transport was Rs 950, now Rs 2000 per year. The five-year heavy transport fee was Rs 450, now it will be Rs 2000 per annum. The 5-year fee for tractor license will be increased from 450 to 1000 rupees per annum. The 5-year fee for commercial tractor has been increased from 450 to 1500 rupees per annum.

Online Verification of Driving License in Pakistan

How to Check Online Driving License in Pakistan

All Driving License Holders can check the online name of the applicant, date of issuance, and expiry date, issuance city through driving license tracking. Here you can perform an online driving license check to verify if your driver’s license is original or fake. If it’s fake, then go to the traffic police office and make an original driving license.

Licensing services have been started in all service centers and testing centers of Punjab for driving license verification. The Home Department of Punjab has decided to allow those who fail the driving license test to retake the test after 15 days. Earlier, those who failed the driving license test were retaken after three months.

Learner permit, the new schedule of increase in license fees will be effective from January 10, according to the new fee schedule, a fee of 01 thousand rupees has to be submitted for the learner permit of car and motorcycle. Citizens will now be able to get licenses for one, two, three, five and 10 years. Citizens can renew their licenses at home. Amara Athar said that now citizens will have to renew their licenses every year. Get license services from nearby urban license offices.

یکم جنوری 2024ء سے پنجاب بھر میں نئی فیسوں کا اطلاق ہوجائے گا۔

550 روپےموٹرسائیکل لائسنس کی 5 سالہ فیس500 روپےلرنر کی فیس
سالانہ 500موٹرسائیکل رکشہ لائیسنس کی 5 سالہ فیس2000 روپے سالانہلائٹ ٹرانسپورٹ کی 5 سالہ فیس
سالانہ 1800موٹر کار، جیپ کی 5 سالہ فیسسالانہ 2000 روپےہیوی ٹرانسپورٹ کی پانچ سالہ فیس
1800 روپےموٹر کار، جیپ کے ڈرائیونگ لائسنس ہولڈر1000 روپے سالانہٹریکٹر لائیسنس کی 5 سالہ فیس
1500 روپےپبلک سروس وہیکل کی 5 سالہ فیس1500 روپے سالانہکمرشل ٹریکٹر کی 5 سالہ فیس

The five-year fee for disabled persons was Rs 20, which has been abolished. The five-year fee for public service vehicles has been increased from Rs 450 to Rs 1500 per year. Vehicle fee for remaining categories has been increased from Rs.100 to Rs.1000. Duplicate motorcycle license fee is Rs 580, Car, Jeep and LTV Rs 630 and HTV duplicate license fee is Rs 680.

online verification of driving lisense

You can check your Driving License with your NIC Number on the official website of the Driving License Information Management System (DLIMS). Just write your NIC Number in the given column and press enter to check the status of your driving license through DLIMS online check. Citizens will be able to get the data by entering the ID card number and date of birth on the traffic police website for license verification until obtaining the driving license card.

Citizens will now get e-license along with license card

Citizens will get e-license online from the Traffic Police app for license tracking. Until the issue, citizens will be able to show their license to the traffic police from their phones. An e-system for payment of fines prepared with the assistance of Traffic Police and PITB and a time schedule system for making driving licenses were inaugurated.

Check Online Status of Driving Licence in Pakistan

Check the online status of your driving license in Pakistan through driving license tracking. The Driving License Issuance Management System (DLIMS) Phase-II automates the processes for driving license issuance, renewal, and upgrades. These activities are carried out throughout the province of Punjab for driving license verification.

Online Verification of Driving Licence

Pakistani citizens can perform an LTV license check online from the link given here to verify driving license number. Licensing services will be provided to the public with a renewed commitment for online driving license check Punjab.

The purpose of e-licensing is to check the record in case the license is not passed or lost.

The non-supply of daily licensing cards will also be controlled by e-licensing. We provide all information about the process for applying for a Driving License and Fee for a Driving License in Pakistan.

Download the app.

Citizens have been given a great facility regarding driving licenses, citizens will now get e-license along with license card, citizens will get e-license online from the traffic police app for online driving license check Punjab. It has been decided to issue e-licensing to the citizens regarding the driving license. Citizens will be able to show their license to the traffic police from their phone until the driving license card is printed and issued across Punjab including Lahore.

Guide to Driving License Verification & Tracking in Pakistan in Urdu

Punjab Traffic Police Online System

How to Apply online driving license?

After passing the driving test, the data will be uploaded in the driving license management information system. Citizens will be able to get the data by entering the ID card number and date of birth on the traffic police website for online driving license check until obtaining the driving license card.

Required Documents for Learner License

A copy of C.N.I.C, a ticket of Rs.60 from any Post Office, get a Code Book of Traffic Rules & Regulation from the Traffic Police Office, and a Medical Certificate (for the candidates of 50 years or more) are required for LTV license check online.

Age Limits for Learner Permit

Motor Cycle/ Motor Car: 18 Years, LTV (Rikshaw, Taxi, Tractor Commercial): 18 Years, HTV: 22 Years. Note: Learner permits are issued on a daily basis whose validity is of 6 months.

Required Documents for Permanent License

Application Form (A) within File Cover, Original Learner Permit of at least 6 weeks, Medical Certificate, three Passport size fresh photographs (Attested), an attested copy of C.N.I.C, and paste a ticket of mentioned fee on license document for driving license verification.

Required Documents for International License

Required International Application Form within File Cover, an attested copy of C.N.I.C, a copy of a valid driving license issued from Lahore, a copy of Pakistani Passport valid for at least 6 months with a Visa, 2 attested photographs (Passport Size), Rs. 66 Court Fee Ticket, Rs. 450 Bank Challan Fee. Note: The applicant will bring his original C.N.I.C, Driving License, and Passport with him for license tracking.

Required Documents for Duplicate License

Required Duplicate Application Form within File Cover, an attested copy of C.N.I.C, 2 attested fresh photographs (Passport size), report from Computer section for Computerized License or a certificate issued by the relevant Post Office which expresses the expiry date of the license, FIR (Lost License report) of the Police Station, tickets will be pasted according to the schedule for driving license check.

Required Documents for Endorsement of a License

Endorsement Form, a copy of Medical Certificate, a copy of N.I.C, 2 attested fresh photographs, original learner permit of at least six weeks, driving tickets according to schedule, 1st license will be attached. For further detail, please contact Traffic Police Inquiry Office for driving license verification.

Required Documents for Renewal of License

Required Application Form E within File Cover, 2 photographs passport size, a copy of NIC, original driving license, medical report, a ticket of relevant license for driving license check.

Renewal Fee! According to the Category

Motor Cycle, Rickshaw 500 Rs, Car, LTV (PSV), Tractor Commercial 750 Rs, HTV (PSV) 1000 Rs. Note: License is renewed for five years for driving license tracking.

Punjab Traffic Police Online Licensing Service

Punjab Traffic Police Electric Traffic Challan Management System, Timing Schedule System for driving licenses online booking, Reception Center, Wen Enter Fee at www/, Download Rasta App from the Google Play store for online driving license check Punjab.

Call for help on Call center 042-99030130 from 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM.

Driving licenses across Punjab will no longer be made without biometric verification, it has been decided to transfer the driving license to a biometric system to make it transparent, biometric verification will be done in learning, medical, license test stages, police officials said. He said that licensing centers and service centers have been linked with NADRA and CRO branches for driving license verification.

How to Submit Traffic Challan through Electronic Payment in Pakistan.

The process of computerized registration of arms licenses has been stopped in Punjab province. According to private TV City 42, the Home Department has decided not to extend the date of computerization of arms licenses. Out of 1.5 million licenses, 1 million licenses have been computerized across the province, earning the government Rs. 1 billion.

The process of computerization of 500,000 arms licenses is pending in Punjab due to which the citizens have demanded to open the registration.

Book time online for driving licensing services through Punjab Information Technology Board’s Way app! Helpline for booking and information: 0130 9903.

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