Minhaj University Lahore Admission 2023 Apply Online

Minhaj University is a prestigious institution, located in the heart of Lahore. It is recognized as a category awarding University by the Government, and Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan.

Minhaj University Lahore Admission 2023 Apply Online

The Degree Awarding Charter was granted to the Minhaj University, Lahore, vide Act No: XII of 2005, Govt of Punjab. The Higher Education Commission of Pakistan recognizes the University, as a W category university.

Minhaj University Lahore Admission 2023 Apply Online

Minhaj University Prospectus:

All candidates to want to Apply can get Minhaj university prospectus from the university office. Quality higher education has assumed a pivotal role in a fast-changing world that has become more competitive and dynamic in the twenty-first Century.
University education plays perhaps the most important role in the development of any nation. It is a critical component of human development in any advanced society. It provides not only the level of skill necessary for the entire labor market but also the tools and ideas that lead to the development of modern, civilized society.

The GDP of advanced societies is directly related to the number of advanced training institutions and universities they have – and the greatest nations on earth have only attained their status among the community of nations through their advanced and skilled manpower.

The number of teachers, doctors, engineers, technicians, healthcare professionals, artists, humanists, entrepreneurs, scientists, and traders that universities generate leads to the development of the economy as a whole. It is these qualified people in a nation who generate the capacity and capability that drive the economies, support civil society, lead effective governments, and make important decisions that affect entire generations.


Admission Procedure:
Inquiry Card: This card has been designed to collect relevant information about the candidates in order to guide them in choosing the possible program of study.
Application Form: Generally a candidate fills up this card at the time of his/her visit to the admission office. The application form for admission is provided with the prospectus of each Faculty and is placed at the end. The candidates are to fill up this application form in their own handwriting and submit it along with the required documents to the Admission Office before the due date.

Admission Test Card: The Admission Test Card is issued at the time of submitting the application form. A candidate must keep this card with him/her at the time of taking the admission test. The admission test fee is Rs.100.
Admission Test/ Interview: The main objective of conducting the Admission Test/Interview is to evaluate the aptitude, academic potential, and level of achievement of the applicant. The admission is offered to those candidates only who qualify for the test/interview and fulfill all the requirements and conditions set by the management to maintain the standard of education with moral upkeep.
Enrolment Slip: The enrolment slip is issued to the qualified candidates to notify them to deposit their respective dues with the Accounts Office/Cashier within the due date.
Fee Deposit: The admission is confirmed only when the required fee is deposited in full as per the fee deposit scheduled by the candidate within the due date.
Confirmation Letter: The confirmation letters of admission are dispatched at the postal address of the students.

  • Under Graduates Programs
  • Graduates Programs
  • Post Graduates Programs
  • Doctoral Programs

Orientation Session: An Orientation program is organized just before the start of 1st Semester. The students are briefed about curriculum, study programs, general rules and regulations, students conduct including dress code, detailed introduction of the University / respective Departments. The students also physically visit various departments of the University.

Additional Charges at the time of Admission
Web Portal fee per year for Learning Management System=2500
Library Security Fee (Refundable)=1000
Student Card=100
Library & Magazine Fund =200
Total Additional Charges=3800

Minhaj university admission last date:

Minhaj University Lahore is a prestigious University of W3 ranking, offering Undergraduate, Graduate and Post Graduate Degrees taught by the best of faculty available in the field of Computer Science, Information Technology and Software Engineering:
MUL offers BS, M.Sc, MIT & M.Phil in these programs…
Details are:
Computer Science: BSCS, MCS & M.Phil
Information Technology: BSIT, MIT & M.Phil
Software Engineering: BSSE


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