Mezan Ultra Rich Tea Lucky Draw Gold Winner Name list 2024

Mezan Ultra Rich Premium Tea has organized Gold Khazana 1st Phase Lucky Draw in the month of March 2022 and 2nd Phase Lucky Draw 10th March 2024 Congratulations to the first set of winners for Gold Khazana. This is the list of winners who have won 10gm, 5gm, and 3gm gold.

Mezan Ultra Rich Tea Lucky Draw Winner list 2024

If you want to be lucky, buy any Mezan Ultra Rich 950gm, 475gm, 190gm, 95gm pack, scratch the given code and send it to 99095. Hurry up before time runs out.


Pakistan is a country that is overflowing with economical resources. The country has seen better days economically but the current situation indicates otherwise. Our economic downfall is owing to certain factors. Among the factors, security and fewer women in the entrepreneurial sector are the two most common reasons.

Mezan Ultra Rich Tea Lucky Draw Gold Winner Name list

Many Pakistanis love having good food at home.   Exploit the need of people who prefer eating at their own homes and deliver tasty food to their doorstep.  Meal delivery can also be a more cost-effective option compared to a restaurant.

Mezan Ultra Rich Tea Lucky Draw Gold Winner Name List 2024

If investing so much in cookery is impossible, but you want to express your talents in the same field regardless, how about you start writing for cookery? You can publish your own cookery books and sell them to earn thousands without going out of your house.

Mezan Ultra Rich Premium Tea 1st Phase Lucky Draw March 2020
Sr.NoNameFather’NameCityQR Code
01SaifullahAlam ShirBakker6279474254
02Abdul RehmanRahim ButtRajan Pur6275391514
03Masood AshrafMuhammad AshrafKhanewal6277387347
04Muhammad SarfarazZulfiqar AliSheihkupura6274956468
05Fazal RehmanRair MuhammadMansehra6272748775
06Ameer HamzaAkhtarHafizabad6271859476
07Sultan IqbalMuhammad IqbalBahawal Pur6276412718
08Anait ullahAzeem KhanFatih Pur6277254394
09Sazia PerveenNisar AhmadJashalum6271848399
10Mudasar Hussain MinhasFida Hussain MinhasChakwal6272444369