Meat price in Pakistan December 2023 today

Goat meat is 1800 rupees per kg, large meat is 1000 rupees per kg, goat’s feet are 1200 to 1400 per dozen, brains are 200 rupees, ojri is 250 rupees, while each kidney is being sold up to 700 rupees. Pakistan’s meat sector is essential to the nation’s economy and the diet of its people.

1 kg mutton price in Pakistan today 2023 is crucial to comprehend the variables influencing beef prices in the nation as June 2023 draws near. 1 kg goat meat price in Pakistan will examine a number of factors, such as supply and demand, governmental regulations, market rivalry, and more, that affect meat pricing in Pakistan.

Meat price in Pakistan December 2023 today

To meet their nutritional needs, humans eat a variety of foods, including fruits, vegetables, meat, beverages, etc. All these things have special importance in their place. To eat a balanced diet, it is important to use all these things in moderation according to your age, gender and health. 1 kg beef price in Karachi today is also an important part of human diet, from which the body gets protein, minerals, iron, vitamin B, etc., which are essential for a healthy body.

Meat price in Pakistan December 2023 today

However, each type of diet has its advantages and disadvantages. Fish and chicken meat are usually called white meat. It provides protein etc. to the human body. White meat is also relatively low in calories and fat. Thus, the meat of cattle and milking animals (Mammals) is called red meat.

Raw meat price in Pakistan December 2023

It’s critical to comprehend the condition of meat prices in Pakistan right now before we go into the elements influencing meat costs. As of May 2023, the average cost of beef per kilogramme in Pakistan is roughly PKR 1,000, while the cost of mutton per kilogramme is PKR 1,500. The average cost of a kilogramme of chicken, on the other hand, is PKR 200. Depending on the area and the state of the local market, these prices can change.

Meat price in Pakistan December 2023 per kg

Mutton (beef) has a higher fat content than chicken. Beef (large meat) is high in fat, but it provides other nutritional needs such as protein, zinc, phosphorus, iron and B vitamins. Both white and red meat have their advantages and disadvantages, so they should not be consumed in excess. The practice of buying and selling canned meat in cities is also becoming common. Nitrates are used to preserve canned meat. A normal human body needs a balanced diet, which includes minerals, proteins, etc., which are obtained from meat and other sources.


Lamb meat price in Pakistan December 2023

In the market, poultry meat is already offered for more than Rs. 400 per kg, and in some places, the cost of goat meat can reach Rs. 1300 per kg. Price of lamb in Pakistan as of 2022.bachya ka gosht rate in Karachi right now. The mutton price was fixed at Rs1,540 per kg. The administration also fixed new prices for different varieties of beef meat which are given below:

  • Beef (Boneless): Rs795 per kg
  • Beef (With Bones): Rs635 per kg
  • Bachia (Boneless): Rs950 per kg
  • Bachia (With Bones): Rs800 per kg

Karachi meat price in Pakistan December 2023

Goat meat is 1800 rupees per kglarge meat is 1000 rupees per kg
فی کلوگوشت
1800روپےبکرے کاگوشت
1000 روپےبڑاگوشت
درجن 1200سے 1400بکرے کے پائے
200 روپےبکرے کا مغز
250 روپے بکرے کی اوجری
700 روپےبکرے کی کلیجی

Due to growing costs for feed, transportation, and other factors, meat prices in Pakistan have been rising recently. In the upcoming months, it is anticipated that the prices would increase more.