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Kashmir Solidarity Day Public Holiday in Pakistan 5th February 2016

Kashmir Solidarity Day Public Holiday Kashmir Solidarity Day February 2016

Kashmir Solidarity Day on February 5 federal government has declared a public holiday the government and semi-government institutions and banks will be closed for 3 days in a row.

Kashmir Solidarity Day 2016:

Kashmir Solidarity Day is celebrated every year in Pakistan on 5th February and in this Year it is observed on Friday February 2016.

Kashmir Solidarity Day public holiday notification 2016:

Federal Ministry of Interior issued a notification according to the country this year, like every year around February 5 firmly Kashmir Solidarity Day will be celebrated. It is a national public holiday Pakistan and all government, semi-government and private institutions will be closed. Across the country to express Solidarity with the Kashmiri people for a minute of silence at 10 am will be.

Kashmir Day in Pakistan:

Time & Date

The Saturday and Sunday February 5 mosques that official and semi-official institutions and banks are closed. Given the large number of consecutive 3-week vacation in his native state employees is determined to go further in this regard, he took a few days of vacation

Kashmir Solidarity Day Public Holiday in Sindh on 5th February 2016