Ghee rate in Pakistan Today 2024 1kg , 5kg & 16kg

Ghee prices in Pakistan vary according on the type, amount, and area. A number of variables, such as the rise in milk prices, the depreciation of the Pakistani rupee, and the rising cost of production, have contributed to the recent increase in ghee prices. Ghee rate in Pakistan Today has played a significant role in Pakistani food. It has become a staple in many homes across the nation thanks to its rich, nutty flavour and adaptability in the kitchen.


Ghee prices, like those of other commodities, can change as a result of a variety of commercial, economic, and environmental reasons. In July last year, 41,278 metric tons of edible oil was produced in the country. Similarly, in July this year, 121,161 metric tons of Banaspati Ghee were produced in the country, which is 0.29 percent more than July last year.

Ghee rate in Pakistan Today

The price of oil and ghee of A brand and B brand has decreased by 70 to 75 rupees. A brand oil has become cheaper by 75 rupees to 525 per liter and A brand ghee has decreased by 25 rupees to 525 rupees. Similarly, B brand ghee and oil is being sold at Rs 380 per liter after being cheaper by Rs 70.


Ghee Manufacturers announced a reduction in the prices of ghee by Rs.15 per kg across Punjab. The decision will be effective from today.

Today Ghee Rate in Pakistan

Banaspati Ghee was made by numerous enterprises in Pakistan, including Kisan Banaspati Ghee, Sultan Banaspati, Kasmir Banaspati Ghee, Dalda Banaspati Ghee, Sofi Banaspati Ghee, and Habib Banaspati Ghee. On our website,, you may check Banaspati Ghee Rates in Pakistan on a daily basis. Clarified butter, sometimes referred to as ghee, is a traditional dairy product created by boiling butter to separate the pure butterfat from the water and milk particles.

Ghee is created by gradually heating butter until the milk solids caramelise and the water evaporates, giving the substance its distinctive flavour and aroma. Ghee may be kept for extended periods of time without refrigeration and has a high smoke point, making it perfect for cooking at high temperatures.

Ghee Rate Today in Pakistan

Ghee has a special position in Pakistani homes because to its long culinary history and significance. The intricate interplay of domestic and international forces can be seen in the ghee rate in Pakistan in November 2023. Stakeholders must work together to assure the supply of high-quality ghee at competitive costs while conserving its cultural identity as the industry faces possibilities and challenges.

The prices of third-grade ghee, cooking oil and rice have increased. The price of third-grade ghee per kg and oil per liter has increased by Rs 20, after which its price has increased from Rs 350 to Rs 370. There is a downward trend in the prices of oil and ghee across the country on a monthly basis.

درجہ سوم گھی کی فی کلو اور آئل کی فی لیٹر قیمت
370روپےدرجہ سوم گھی کی فی کلو قیمت میں 20روپے اضافہدرجہ سوم گھی
370روپے آئل کی فی لیٹر قیمت میں 20روپے اضافہکوکنگ آئل

Ghee price in Pakistan 2024 today

Ghee is a crucial component of many meals in Pakistan that gives the flavours richness and depth. Ghee is a typical cooking medium that brings out the true flavour of traditional Pakistani cuisine, from flavorful biryanis to delicious sweets. Ghee’s cultural significance is also shown in religious rituals and celebrations, where it is offered as a sacrifice and consumed as a sign of wealth.

Branded ghee now costs up to Rs 28 per kilogramme more.Today’s prices for 16 kg of ghee and kiran ghee in Pakistan1 kg ghee price in Pakistan, 1 kg dalda ghee price in Pakistan as of right now In a week, the cost of oil and ghee would increase to Rs 350. Price of 10kg Kashmir ghee in Pakistan right now.

  • Habib Banaspati Ghee
  • kashmir ghee
  • Dilawar Banaspati
  • Kisan Banaspati Ghee
  • Manpasand Banaspati Ghee
  • Sufi Banaspati Ghee
  • Dalda Banaspati Ghee
  • Sharjah Banaspati Ghee
  • Shan Banaspati Ghee
  • Kausar Banaspati
  • Eva Banaspati
  • Tullo Banaspati Ghee
  • Golden Sun Banaspati
  • Areej Banaspati Ghee
  • sultan ghee price in Pakistan 1kg

The first grade ghee and oil manufacturing companies have reduced the price of one kg of first grade ghee and one liter of oil by Rs 30. According to wholesale dealers, a five-pack box of first grade five kg ghee and five liter oil has become cheaper by Rs 150, reducing its price from Rs 2,800 to Rs 2,650. According to dealers, first grade ghee and oil became cheaper by Rs 30 per kg. The price of first grade ghee per kg and oil per liter increased to Rs 530.

گھی کی فی کلو قیمت
356 روپےدرجہ سوم گھی کی فی کلو قیمت
454 روپےدرجہ دوم گھی کی فی کلو قیمت
540 روپےدرجہ اول گھی
550 روپےکوکنگ آئل درجہ اول

In the month of October, the average retail price of one liter of mustard oil in the country was recorded at Rs 512.60, which is 2.40% less than that of September. In September, the average retail price of one liter of mustard oil was recorded at Rs 525.18. The average price in October was recorded at Rs 2928.87, which is 1.62% lower than September. The average retail price of 5 liters of Dal cooking oil in September was Rs 2977.17.

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