Thursday , October 5 2023


Many people have the desire to work for the government in the competitive employment market of today. Pakistan’s Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) provides a variety of career options in a number of industries. This page intends to enlighten readers thoroughly about FPSC positions in 2023 and instruct prospective applicants on how to submit an online application.


Intending candidates may apply on-line upto 24lh Aug, 2023 for the following vacancies. Also visit FPSC’s website for details mentioned in the General Instructions to the candidates. Last date to Apply 21st August 2023.

FPSC Consolidated Advertisement No. 09/2023


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Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) is in charge of hiring civil workers for Pakistan’s federal government. Its main responsibility is to guarantee fair selection processes for various government positions. The FPSC is essential to preserving the nation’s public administration’s efficacy and efficiency.

Jobs with the FPSC in 2023 offer a good opportunity for those looking for secure and fulfilling careers in the public sector. Aspiring applicants can better their chances of obtaining these prominent positions by being aware of the application procedure, requirements, and preparation techniques. Keep your attention on the task at hand, exert the necessary effort, and demonstrate your capacity to have a big impact on the hiring decision.



In all cases eligibility of the candidates shall be determined as per Commission’s policy laid down in General Instructions displayed at FPSC’s Website. Candidates are advised to go through the said General Instructions to update themselves before applying.

Procedure to apply:

(i)  All applications must be submitted online through FPSC’s website www.fnsc.eov.nh.

(ii)   Candidates may edit on-line applications only once within the closing date in order to rectify any error/ omission etc.

(iii)     Information claimed in on-line application form will be treated as final.

(iv)   Subsequent claims of experience, earlier not given in on-line form, arc considered afterthought and an attempt to become eligible. Such subsequent claims shall not be accepted.

(v) Detailed General Instructions/ guidelines to apply online are available on the website.

(vi) No hardcopy of online application is required from the applicants.

(vii)     No manual application will be accepted for General Recruitment cases. Only online applications
will be processed and ad mined on or before the cut-ofT date as announced for respective case.

The rate of fee for various posts is:- BS-16 to 17 – Ks. 300/- ; BS 18- Rs. 750/- ; BS-19 – Rs. 1200/-; BS-20 and above- Rs. 1500/-

(ii)   The fee may be deposited on or before the closing date in the nearest Government treasury or in a branch of National Bank of Pakistan or in a Stale treasury authorized lo transact business on behalf
of Government under head “C02I0I-ORGAXS OF STATE EXAMINATION FF.F, REALIZED BN FPSC. Bank draft ‘ Cheoue Postal Order is not acceptable

(iii)  Original T.R may be preserved and provided to the supervisory staff at the time of test’ examination at the Center given in Admission Certificates. Photocopy or Bank Scroll is not acceptable

The candidates will be shortlisted for interview as per policy of the Commission contained in para -16
(A. B&C) of General Instructions.