Thursday , December 1 2022

FBR POS Scheme 10th Lucky draw 15th November 2022

The 7th consecutive monthly computerized raffle for the POS Rewards Scheme was held, during which prizes worth Rs. 53 million were distributed among the lucky winners of FBR POS Scheme, numbering 1007. gone. While Metro Stores Pakistan also distributed prizes of Rs. 1 million among its 10 customers. Thus, the total prize money of this series was Rs. 54 million while the number of lucky users who won prizes became 1017.

FBR POS Scheme 10th Lucky draw 15th November 2022

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has declared the result of the 7th Lucky draw which is held on 15th July 2022 for the much-awaited prize scheme for shoppers from POS-integrated Tier-1 retail outlets. Thousands of prizes worth hundreds of thousands of rupees are distributed among the shoppers through a computerized ballot, who opt to shop from POS- integrated retail outlets spread all across the country.


FBR 1st Lucky draw 15th January 2022

Aslam won the first prize of Rs 10 lakh, Asad Naeem and Asim Ali won two prizes of Rs 5 lakh. They have been informed through SMS. The winners of the prizes will get 20% tax deduction on the amount received and the non-filers will get 40% tax deduction on the amount received.
The computerized balloting for the prize scheme will be held on the 15th of every month, the first one on January 15, 2022, at FBR (HQs), Islamabad.

Reward Scheme for Buyers from Retailers Connected to Federal Point of Sale (FBR) Point of Sale System In the first lottery, 1007 lucky winners were awarded cash prizes of Rs. 53 million. Held at R. Headquarters. The reward scheme was announced in the budget. The first prize was Rs. 1 million. Two prizes of Rs. 5.5 lakhs were given to the second place, four prizes of Rs. 2.5 lakhs to the third place and Rs. Lottery results will also be published on the website. The results include the mobile number of the user through whom the receipt of the POS store was sent.

First Prize Rs. 10,00,000 Winner Name

Second Two prizes Rs. 500,000 Winner Names

Third four prizes of Rs. 250,000 Winner Names

Lucky Persons who got one thousand prizes of Rs. 50,000 each. Thus, a total prize amount of Rs.53 Million will be distributed among the lucky 1007 winners, every month.

How to Participate in FBR Lucky Draw

Customers can participate by verifying the receipt of purchases through Tax Asaan Mobile App of FBR or by sending the invoice number through an SMS on 9966. FBR has launched a very aggressive print and electronic media campaign for the awareness of people across the country. They can also get assistance by following FBR’s social media handles on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube or call on FBR Helpline- 111772772.

The denominations of the prizes have been set as Rs1 million (1st prize), two prizes of Rs500,000, four prizes of Rs250,000 and one thousand prizes of Rs50,000 each. Thus, a total prize amount of Rs53 million will be distributed among the lucky 1,007 winners who will get the POS-integrated receipts on their purchases.



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  1. syed shahzad ali

    2 time i won pos lucky draw in june and july but they send only 30000.