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Benazir Development Program has been started to meet the nutritional deficiency of children and to take care of their healthy life. These views were expressed by Provincial Minister for Primary and Secondary Healthcare Khawaja Imran Nazir while presiding over the launching ceremony of Benazir Development Program.

It was informed in the briefing that development centers are being set up in government hospitals in 26 districts of Punjab.

Benazir Nashonuma Programme Registration Online Apply

Benazir Nashonuma Programme is operating via a network of 488 Nashonuma Centres in 157 districts countrywide. BISP nashonuma program registration is started and eligible women can apply for BISP nashonuma program online registration through ehsaas nashonuma program apply online on

The Benazir Development Program was expanded from 15 districts to the entire country. By increasing the Benazir development budget by 285%, the number of eligible people was increased from 2 lakh to 850 thousand, while for the first time in history, the sufferings of eunuchs were included in Benazir sponsorship.

Benazir Nashonuma Programme will tackle stunting and improve the nutrition of the poorest children in Pakistan,ehsaas nashonuma program online registration 2023 emphasizing that there is no place for malnutrition in twenty-first century Pakistan. 770,000 mothers and their children are benefiting from Benazir Development Program, 16.3 billion rupees were distributed to 8.3 million families under fuel subsidy program.=


Children under the age of two are provided with special nutritious food and cash assistance, and in districts of the country where stunting rates are high, children, especially mothers of girls, are given higher stipends. Completing higher education is a major obstacle for women to finally get out of poverty. In addition to half the scholarships being allocated to girls, the Ehsas Undergraduate Scholarship Program provides 200,000 needs and merit-based scholarships over 4 years.

Benazir Nashonuma Online Registration

Benazir nashonuma online registration The inaugural officially took place at Ehsaas Nashonuma Center set up in Dogra Headquarter Hospital, Khyber Tribal District and World Food Programme is the implementing partner of Ehsaas for this programme. The families eligible for Ehsaas cash programme will be entitled to benefit from Nashonuma programme.

In order to provide health services and conditional cash transfers, about 48 Ehsas Nashnoma Centers are being set up in 13 districts of the country, mainly to save children from stunt-raising problems.

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Prime Minister visited the center and interacted with the staff, and beneficiary women and their children present at the registration, check-up/anthropometry, awareness, and specialized nutritious food distribution counters at the centre.

Benazir Nashonuma will focus on improving nutrition and health in the first thousand days of life, the most critical period in early childhood development, starting at conception and finishing at age two, pregnant and breastfeeding women will be provided special nutritious food. 40% of children in Pakistan are suffering from stunting due to malnutrition and other reasons. The government has prepared a development program to protect children from stunting.

The first phase of the Ehsas development program is being launched , The program has launched today by inaugurating a Nashonuma center in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa tribal district. The nutritional status of new-borns and infants is directly linked with the health and nutritional status of the mother before, during, and after pregnancy. Forty percent of children in Pakistan are currently impacted by stunting due to malnutrition, with significant consequences for their health and educational outcomes.

children under the age of two years will also be able to obtain money after every three months and 1500 rupees for a boy and 2000 rupees for a girl will be provided to deserving families and five hundred rupees will also be given as fare for traveling. About 33 Ehsaad Nashonuma centers is established in nine districts of the country.

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Under Benazir nashonuma program 2023, every quarter conditional cash-transfers will be provided to the poorest pregnant and lactating women and those with children under two years old through ehsaas nashonuma online apply, totaling PKR 1500 for each boy child and PKR 2000 for each girl child. Beneficiaries will be identified through Ehsaas Kafaalat and payments will be conditional upon the consumption of specialized nutritious food, immunizations, and attendance of health awareness sessions.

Widespread malnutrition is holding our country back and previous governments have failed repeatedly to take concrete action. Benazir Nashonuma will be the first-time serious efforts have been made to give all children in Pakistan the best possible start in life,” said Dr. Sania Nishtar. This flagship initiative will target the most vulnerable young children and improve their outcomes by addressing a number of interacting factors including nutrition, immunisations, and health promotion through education,” she further added.

A budget of Rs. 8.5 billion has been allocated for the first phase of the development program. Minor girls will be given Rs. 2000 on a quarterly basis while boys will be given Rs. 1500. Nishnoma is a three-year program that provides conditional cash transfers to vulnerable pregnant women and mothers under the age of two, linked to a nutritious diet, immunizations, and participation in health awareness meetings. ۔ To give effect to the policy, 48 adjoining centers of 13 districts at district and tehsil level are being set up across the country to provide health services under one roof through the program.

The design of Benazir Nashonuma was informed by an in-depth review of existing evidence around tackling nutrition from Pakistan and around the world, with inputs from a high-level committee comprising of local and international experts, development partners, and Provincial Governments.

The World Food Programme has been hired as an implementing partner and will carry out the project’s activities with oversight from Ehsaas.In the first phase of the program, a total of 33 Nashonuma centers are being set up in 9 districts of the country: Khyber, Upper Dir, Bagh, Ghizr, Hunza, Kharmang, Kharan, Badin and Rajanpur.

Ehsaas program registration is being launched in the first phase in nine districts, including Khyber, Upper Dir, Bagh, Ghizer, Hunza, Kharmang, Kharan, Badin, and Rajanpur. These districts were selected in consultation with the provincial health departments. Thirty-three Ehsaas Nashunama Marakaz will be established at Tehsil level health facilities to provide all the program’s services under one roof.

This program will focus on improving nutrition and health until the first 1,000 days of a child’s life and two years of age. Two thousand rupees for girls and one and a half thousand rupees for boys will be given a quarterly stipend, besides healthy food will also be provided to deserving families.

The European Union (EU) has announced support for basic health care for women and newborns in Sindh and Balochistan in the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak. Decided to give a million dollars. Nishnoma centers are also being opened at the basic health unit level to ensure easy access to facilities. Consider expanding the first phase to 7 to 13 malnourished districts in the country.

A sense of transparency The scholarship system has been digitized from start to finish. Scholarships are issued for the children of Ehsas families from Kachhi to class XII. The amount of scholarships for girls in Benazir educational scholarships is more than that for boys.

Ehsas Development Centers are established in Government Hospitals of four Tehsils of the District, Jahanian, Kabirwala, Khanewal and Mian Channu. Under Ehsas, Ehsas Development Centers will be opened in all the districts of the country. Ehsas Development Program is underway in Rajanpur and Khanewal in South Punjab.

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