Egg price in Pakistan 2024 today 1 egg & 1 dozen egg

The price of eggs per dozen has been reduced by Rs 28 In Quetta. The price of eggs per dozen in the city reduced from Rs 365 to Rs 237. The price of chicken meat in Quetta remains at Rs 612 per kg.

Egg price in Pakistan

A number of variables, including supply and demand, feed costs, seasonal variations, and governmental policies, have an impact on Egg price in Pakistan. Egg costs may fluctuate as a result of these variables, making it challenging for customers to plan their food budgets. The cost of eggs in Pakistan is predicted to rise in egg rate today Rawalpindi for a number of reasons. Broiler meat Price increased by Rs. 15 to Rs. 470, live chicken increased by Rs. 10 to Rs. 324 per kg.

Egg Price in Pakistan October 2020

1 egg price in Pakistan today

today egg rate in Punjab Pakistan, the price of chicken and egg is increasing which is the result of imbalance of supply and demand, due to cold weather the demand of egg and chicken has increased which is increasing the price. The egg rate today in Lahore Pakistan was set at Rs 290 per dozen, but this price could never be implemented. 1 desi egg price in Pakistan today are being sold at a price of Rs 45.

1 dozen egg price in Pakistan

1 dozen eggs price in Pakistan today, the price of eggs per dozen is being charged more than 370 rupees, while domestic eggs are also being sold at 600 rupees per dozen. On the other hand, the official rate for eggs is Rs 290 per dozen. The price of eggs per dozen in the country has reached Rs 380 per dozen while domestic eggs are selling up to Rs 740 per dozen. On the other hand, the rate of live chicken is 370 rupees per kg, while the rate of clean meat is 560 rupees per kg.

Egg price in Pakistan 2024 today 1 egg & 1 dozen egg

Desi egg price in Pakistan

Due to a number of variables, including an increase in feed prices, an increase in demand, a decrease in supply, inflation, and governmental policy, the price of eggs is predicted to rise the egg rate today Karachi. Consumers should plan their budgets and be ready for price increases.

Egg price today

With an average annual intake of 230 eggs per person, Pakistan is one of the greatest consumers of eggs in the world. For many individuals in the nation, especially those who cannot afford meat or fish, eggs are a crucial source of protein. Boiled egg price in Pakistan, eggs are a vital component in the culinary sector and are utilized in many traditional cuisines.

20روپےفارمی انڈوں کی قیمت میں کمی
240روپےفی درجن فارمی انڈوں کی قیمت
612 روپےمرغی کے گوشت کی فی کلو قیمت
450 روپےدیسی انڈوں کی قیمت فی درجن

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