Chicken Meat Price in Pakistan Today Per kg

The price of Chicken Meat Price in Pakistan Today Per kg is increased by 17 Rupees. The Price of Farmi eggs increased by Rs 2 to Rs 410 per dozen. Due to a lack of supply of eggs in many areas, the shopkeepers are selling at 20 to 30 rupees more than the fixed price.

Pakistani Chicken Prices

Pakistani Chicken Prices are provided by Pakistan’s chicken industry, making it a vital part of the country’s agricultural sector. Due to the nation’s growing urbanisation and population, poultry prices in pakistan is in huge demand.

Chicken Price in Pakistan

Chicken Price in Pakistan depends on a number of variables including feed prices, energy prices, and labour costs, also has an impact on the Broiler chicken meat price in Pakistan.

Chicken Meat Price in Pakistan January 2023

The chicken rate in karachi today has been reduced by Rs 17 to Rs 580. The wholesale rate of live broiler chicken has been fixed at Rs 385 per kg while the retail price has been fixed at Rs 400 per kg, eggs are being sold at Rs 246 per dozen.

Wholesale Prices

The main reason for the increase in the wholesale pakistani chicken prices is the increase in the price of feed, the increase in the price of feed, electricity, petrol has had a very negative impact on the poultry industry.

Pakistani Chicken Rate Today

Pakistani Chicken rate today has suffered a crisis. Skinless chicken price in pakistan has become Rs 600 per kg, while eggs have become Rs 400 per dozen.

برائلر گوشت کی قیمت
17 روپےفی کلو برائلر گوشت کی قیمت میں اضافہ
580روپےبرائلر گوشت کی نئی قیمت
5روپےزندہ برائلر مرغی کی قیمت میں اضافہ
400روپے فی کلوزندہ برائلر مرغی کی قیمت
246روپے فی درجنفارمی انڈوں کی قیمت

An in-principle agreement has been reached to determine market-based prices of milk, beef and mutton across the country.

The Federal, Provincial Governments and Dairy and Farmers Association have agreed in principle to deregulate the prices of milk, beef and mutton for the development of the livestock sector, in consultation with meat processors and consumers’ associations and relevant stakeholders.

Pakistani Live Chicken Prices

There is a shortage of farms, farmers are not supplying chicken, farmers are also short of workers, when the supply is better, everything will be fine, poultry farmers are not investing because of inflation. Farmers are leaving the poultry business due to increase in Pakistani live chicken prices.

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