Saturday , June 10 2023

Currency Exchange rate Pakistan June 2023

KARACHI: In the open currency market, the rupee strengthened and the dollar became cheaper by 25.75 rupees. In the open market, the price of the dollar fell by Rs 25 75 paisa, resulting in the price of the dollar in the open market at Rs 285.25.

Currency Exchange rate Pakistan June 2023

Yesterday, the dollar closed down by just one rupee at Rs 311 in the open market, while the dollar was at Rs 285 47 paisa by the end of the interbank trading session.

Pakistan currency exchange rate today

Currency rate Pakistan 2023

The exchange rate of Pakistani Rupee against the US dollar plays a crucial role in determining the country’s economic growth. Pakistan has a history of a volatile currency exchange rate, with fluctuations seen every year. In May 2023, the exchange rate has once again become a topic of discussion due to the economic conditions prevailing in the country.

In May 2023, the currency rate of Pakistan is expected to fluctuate due to various economic and political factors. The exchange rate of Pakistan’s currency, the Pakistani Rupee (PKR), against the US dollar (USD) and other major currencies plays a significant role in the country’s trade, imports, exports, and overall economic growth.

Pakistan’s currency rate has been a subject of concern for many years due to its volatility and vulnerability to external and internal factors. In recent years, the PKR has depreciated significantly against the USD and other major currencies, causing inflation, trade deficits, and political unrest. The currency rate of Pakistan in May 2023 is expected to be influenced by various factors, including economic policies, political stability, global market trends, and the COVID-19 pandemic.