Saturday , February 4 2023

Artificial jewelry designs catalog with price

Artificial jewelry designs catalog with price

Women’s preparations have reached the rise as they came near Eid al-Fitr, shopping with jewelery and jewelery purchases are being purchased with great taste, looking for a jewelery, and looking for a fine design. Due to the inflation, the trend of wearing artificial ornaments rather than gold in women has increased.

In artificial ornaments, small tapes, thumbs, bangles, earrings, moon earrings, kunglasses, bracelet, necklaces, bangles are popular in fashion and popularity in this year, double color and tens of air colors are worth Rs 100 to 450 rupees. The small zinc pendant set is up to 800 to 2500.

The toplights are 500, the toplights are up to 2000 thousand, but the value of the price of the color air to 100 to 250, the artificial ring price is 800 to 3000 thousand. On the occasion of Eid, women prefer to wear lightweight ornaments rather than heavy jewelry. The color matching of every suite must be purchased by jewelery; Rush in markets at the end of Ramadan is estimated that women are very keen to wear jewelery besides clothes and shoes, buying gold and silver jewelry first But now the demand for jewelry made of iron, brass, aluminum and other metals increases continuously.

However, the ring is the only ornament that likes to take everyone, but there was a time when girls offered gifts to their friends, tip-hoped tapes etc, but during the time, the trend is coming down, and most of the women and women are now watching. Girls take light sets for themselves and occasionally for their cows,many jewelery shops have been opened in the market, after which the competition is increasing every day, so whenever we are from the wholesale market or factories If you take jewelry from jewelry, look fashionable, women are indoctrinated by Indian jewelery. Nonetheless, other artificial beans are invited from other countries.

buyers of female ornaments, according to women, according to women, after purchasing clothes, chillips and scraps, the main and difficult stage of jewelry is to buy jewelry because eid or any festival as much as any festival. According to that, jewelery is also required, and each jewelery set is also unique to the other, and now the artificial jewelery formats and shades are like gold ornaments, and every year new trends according to jewelry Buying, Why is not Jewelery in the house but we must have something on Eid’s occasion Do not buy anything new.

jewelery plays a crucial role in it, the taste of good jewelry makes fun of a personality and in hands. If there is no ring in the bangles, earrings hanging, fingers in the fingers, the fever looks like a spoon and and silver jewelry have to be protected and once the design is ready It is not possible to change, but there is nothing like artificial ornaments.

women enjoy more light jewelery on the occasion of Eid, but if there is a wedding season after the Eid, then heavy sets are also sold more, women try to do well in less money. Buy Jewelery and look at the most unique, many shops are sold on small stalls, pendant sets, wrists, nails, thumbs, bangles, tips, earrings, chains, bracelets, bangles, bangles, clips, and many other products.

women get their favorite jewelery, many stallers also offer salads, colored chairs and children’s bags etc.