Ministry of interior Arms license 2024 Apply online

In Punjab, applications of citizens for online arms licenses have started to be received. The Home Department has begun creating new arms licenses, the Home Department will create arms licenses online and send them to the citizens.

Applications have been requested from the citizens to create arms license Pakistan. Ministry of interior arms license 2024 apply online at the website Applications can also be submitted at Applicants who meet the merit will be issued arms license at home.

Arms License Apply Online

The caretaker Punjab government has started issuing arms licenses under the Punjab Arms Rules 2023. The caretaker Punjab government will increase the fee for making and renewing weapons licenses up to 2,000 percent.

The Supervisory Board has approved the amendment of the Punjab Arms Rules 2023, the fee for obtaining a personal arms license has been increased from 10,000 to 50,000 rupees, and the Fee for renewing a personal arms license has been increased from 1,000 to 5,000 rupees.

The Punjab Home Department has prepared an online portal for making arms licenses, citizens should enter the name, paternity, identity card nambar and weapon details on the online portal, after filling the online form, you will be informed about the arms license fee immediately.


Arms License Fee Schedule

The Fee for making arms license for private institutions and private companies has been fixed at 50 thousand rupees, the fee for making the license of the Punjab Interior Department “All Pakistan” has been fixed at 100,000 rupees, the arms license processing fee has been increased from 1400 to 2 thousand rupees.

Any citizen of Punjab will be able to apply for arms license online at home. According to Punjab Interior Department, after the implementation of the new rules, the approved licenses will also be considered cancelled. Those citizens whose licenses have been approved should complete the process. The interior department will re-process all the approved applications based on the new rules.

Arms license verification

The fee for making a duplicate arms license has been increased from one thousand to five thousand rupees, the fee for increasing the number of rounds minus the number of rounds in the arms license has been increased to twelve rupees per bullet, the fee for changing the weapon or bore on the arms license has been fixed at five thousand rupees.

A fee of Rs 16,500 to Rs 18,500 has been fixed for pistols, rs 22,000 to Rs 24,500 for rifles. There will be a fee of 20,500 rupees with 50 cartridges for guns, citizens will send WhatsApp messages and documents immediately after filling the application form.

کیلئےساڑھے16 ہزار سےساڑھے18ہزار روپےپستول کیلئے فیس
50کارتوس کے ساتھ ساڑھے20ہزاربندوق کیلئے فیس
22ہزار روپے سےساڑھے 24ہزار روپےرائفل کیلئے فیس

Arms License Verification

Citizens of Punjab can also apply online for Arms License for Personal, Institutional, Security Company or Business. All Pakistan arms license verification online with the issuance of arms license, the license fee has also been increased by 150% by the government, earlier the fee was 20 thousand rupees, which has now been increased to 50 thousand rupees.

Nadra arms license verification online

To apply for an arms license, a candidate must be a permanent resident of Pakistan, possess a national identity card and be domiciled in Punjab. ministry of interior arms license verification, the candidate should be above 20 years of age, his name should be included in the tax payers and he should not have any criminal record.

پنجاب آرمز رولز 2023کا فیس شیڈول

اضافہموجودہ فیسسابقہ فیسقسم اسلحہ لائسنس
40ہزارروپے50ہزارروپے10ہزارروپےنیا ذاتی اسلحہ لائسنس بنوانے کی فیس
چارہزارروپےپا نچ ہزارروپےایک ہزارروپےذاتی اسلحہ لائسنس کی تجدید کرانے کی فیس
50ہزار روپےنجی اداروں،سکیورٹی کمپنیوں کے نیا اسلحہ لائسنس بنانے کی فیس
ایک لاکھ روپےنپجاب کے لائسنس کو ’’آل پاکستان‘‘ کرانے کی فیس
چھ سو ر روپےدوہزار روپے1400روپےاسلحہ لائسنس پروسینگ فیس
چارہزارروپےپا نچ ہزارروپےایک ہزارروپےڈپلی کیٹ اسلحہ لائسنس بنانے کی فیس
12روپے فی گولیاسلحہ لائسنس میں گولیوں کی تعداد بڑھانے کی فیس
پا نچ ہزارروپےاسلحہ لائسنس پر ہتھیار یا بور تبدیل کرنے کی فیس
دس ہزارروپےوراثت کی بنیاد پر اسلحہ لائسنس ٹرانسفر کی فیس
300روپےلائسنس ہولڈر کے گھر پر اسلحہ لائسنس ڈیلیوری  کی فیس

Pak Arms license Fee

On the demand of arms dealers and citizens, the arms license fees have been greatly reduced by 85 thousand rupees under Arms Row 2023. Get arms license form Punjab , the supervisory Punjab government has reduced the fee from one lakh rupees to 15 thousand rupees for the entire province. Business and Privatization approved the Punjab Arms Rules 2023.

In the federal capital, it was decided to impose the condition of weapons training for the candidates of arms license. The federal police will provide training to those applying for arms license in Islamabad, the license will not be given without fulfilling the condition of training. The training will consist of three days. Arms license aspirants will be given training in the shooting range of the Federal Police.

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