University of Karachi BS Admission 2024 Apply Online & Result

University of Karachi BS Admission 2024 Apply Online

The UNIVERSITY OF KARACHI is a prominent international institution of higher learning and quality education accessible to all sections of the society. The University offers a vibrant academic environment which provides a focal point for research and creativity, contributing to the success and prosperity of the nation. ONLINE Applications are invited for ADMISSION to the following Programmes on the basis of the MARKS obtained in the PREREQUISITE EXAMINATION.


(Open Merit Basis) 

University of Karachi has introduced a new four-year degree program called Digital Media Marketing under the Department of Mass Communication with immediate admissions. The credit for introducing this program goes to the faculty of the department.

BS (3rd Year) 2-YEAR PROGRAMME on the basis of GRADUATION

There should be a four-year degree program on Digital Media, Digital Media Marketing will lead our students to entrepreneurship and our students will be able to create their own content. This program is being run in 7 private universities of Karachi, but among the public sector universities, Karachi University is the first university in which this program is being introduced, and a new lab of 10 computers is being built for it.


University of Karachi BS Admission 2024 Apply Online

University of Karachi BS Admission 2024 Result

In the entry test organized for BS admissions under the testing service of University of Karachi on December 3, 2023, 116 students from Hyderabad who entered in A grade, 59 students who entered in A grade participated in the test and 12 and 2 respectively. Students were able to achieve success, thus 90% of A-grade students and 93% of A-grade students failed the test.

Only 14 out of 201 participating students of A-grade of Larkana Education Board and only 2 students out of 89 participating in A-grade were successful and the success ratio of A-grade was 6.9 and the success ratio of A-grade students was 6.9. 2.2 percent.

22 out of 125 participants of A1 grade and only 3 out of 48 participants of A grade of Mirpur Khas passed the test, the success ratio of A1 grade was 17.6% and the success ratio of A grade was 6.25%.

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Fahad Munir