PTV Home Turkish drama serial Ertugrul Ghazi in Urdu

The world’s largest Turkish drama serial ‘Ertaghrul Ghazi’, reflecting the world victories of Muslims in the thirteenth century is now broadcast on Urdu only on PTV Home at 07:55 PM daily in Ramzan ul Mubarak. Its episodes are trending on YouTube every day in Pakistan.
Pakistan Television will present the famous Turkish historical drama serial ‘Artaghrul Ghazi’ on 1st Ramadan. PTV Home ‘Ertaghul Ghazi’ broadcasts in Urdu under Prime Minister Imran Khan’s direction. People should see the Repeat telecast on the day.PTV’s YouTube channel has seen a rapid increase in its viewership with 2.1 million subscribers.

The first episode in two months was watched by more than 58 million people on PTV’s YouTube channel and more than 250 million views were seen in the entire show.PTV Ertaghul Urdu 78. Actress Borjo Caratley, who played the role of Gokche Khatun in the popular Turkish drama series “Ertugrul Ghazi”, has won the Turkish Cinema Award. The award was presented to Bourgeo Caratley, a well-known actress in the drama Ertugrul Ghazi, for her services to the local cinema. Set popularity records across.

PTV Artighlar Ghazi Drama in urdu

PTV Home Turkish drama serial Artaghrul Ghazi in Urdu

‘Ertaghrul Ghazi’ will be aired on PTV Home Urdu dubbing from 07:55 pm daily from 1st Ramadan 2020. Ertugrul Ghazi. Turkish Radio and Television (TRT) is making it accessible to a wider audience and arousing public interest. The well-known Turkish drama Ertugrul Ghazi has set a new record of popularity on YouTube, the number of subscribers of the drama’s Urdu channel on YouTube has exceeded one crore.

The first episode of “Ertugrul Ghazi” has been viewed more than 30 million times on YouTube in three weeks. The Turkish drama Ertugrul is becoming more popular in Pakistan than in Turkey. Ertugrul ghazi season 3 date 25 February 2021 in PTV home in Pakistan in Urdu.
The drama serial “Dirlish Ertugrul” is being dubbed in Urdu under the name “Ertugral Ghazi” in Pakistan. The first episode of this drama has broken the record of popularity on YouTube. The first installment of “Ertugrul Ghazi” has been viewed more than 30 million views on YouTube in three weeks, while the drama was viewed 12 million views in 12 years in Turkey. The popularity of the play can also be gauged from the fact that the main actors of “Ertugrul Ghazi”, Ertugrul and Halima Sultan (Anjan Altan and Asri Baljak) have gained the status of favorite actors of Pakistanis.
Various actors of the play including Anjan and Asri have not only sent loving messages to Pakistanis from Turkey but have also expressed their desire to meet their Pakistani fans.

Pakistan and Turkey are deeply rooted in religious, cultural, and cultural ties. This drama serial will help the people of Pakistan to understand Islamic history and the culture and culture of the era.

The historical Turkish drama ”Ertugrul Ghazi ‘ dubbed in Urdu and broadcast in Pakistan and people would know the history of Muslims. It was decided to dub the Urdu series ‘Derlish Ertugrul’ based on Islamic history in Urdu and broadcast it on official TV during Ramadan under the name ‘Ertugrul Ghazi’.

In Pakistan, where people are watching this drama with great interest, they also say that in this drama, who is actually the person named ‘Ertugrul’? And what is the reason for this to become a drama?

Who was Ertugrul?

The name of the father of Sultan Usman Ghazi, the founder of the Ottoman Empire and its first ruler, was Ertugrul Ghazi. Ertugrul Ghazi was a brave, fearless, militant man. The conquests of those who knew how to defend their tribe made the Ottoman Empire possible.

In view of the popularity of this drama, the second part of the same history has also been released, which covers the life of Usman (Ertugrul’s son).

On the instructions of Prime Minister Imran Khan, the Turkish drama “Ertugrul Ghazi” has been dubbed in Urdu and is being aired on Pakistani state television from the first of Ramadan. This drama has not only broken the records of popularity with its first episode but has also become a favorite drama of Pakistanis.

His name was Ertugrul Ghazi and he is also known as Ertugrul Ghazi. He was the leader of the Qai tribe, a nomadic tribe. The story of this play revolves around the conquests of the Turkish Muslims in the thirteenth century. So that our youth can become acquainted with Islamic values, culture, and conquests.

The drama serial “Ertugrul Ghazi” based on Islamic history and conquests is being aired on Pakistan’s official channel PTV from the first of Ramadan. The play is based on the life of Ertugrul Ghazi, the father of Ottoman I, the founder of the Ottoman Empire, and revolves around the conquests of Turkish Muslims in the thirteenth century.

Turkish actress Esra Bilgic

Isra Belgic, who plays Halima Sultan, the wife of Muslim general Ertugrul, in the Turkish series “Derlish Ertugrul” or “Ertugrul Ghazi”. who played a central role in the series, was known for his bravery, strong faith, courage, and standing up for his cause in the face of opposition from all quarters. The reason is ingrained in the hearts of Pakistanis.

The main actors of the play are Anjan Altan (Ertugrul Ghazi) and Asri Baljak (Halima Sultan). Actress Borjo Caratl who played the role of Gokji in the play.

Actress Halma Sultan:

Turkish actress who played the role of Halima Sultan in the drama serial ‘Ertugrul Ghazi’.Ertugrul Ghazi was first aired on Turkish state TV in 2014 and before being dubbed into Urdu, the series has been aired in Sixty different languages ​​and the drama series has been airing on PTV daily since the first of Ramadan.

“Ertugrul Ghazi” has been broadcast in Sixty different languages ​​of the world before PTV. It has a total of 179 episodes and was first aired in 2014 on a Turkish state channel.

The drama based on the life of Turkish General Ertugrul Ghazi, Derelish Ertugrul was a success in Turkey after its release and the series became popular all over the world through Netflix. The drama has broken all records of success.

The drama serial “Derelish Ertugrul” is being dubbed in Urdu under the direction of Prime Minister Imran Khan and is being aired under the name Ertugral Ghazi and rumors of Pakistanis’ love for this drama have spread all over the world.

Globally, the total number of subscribers to the channels created in different languages ​​of the series is one and a half crore while the episodes uploaded on these channels have been watched three billion times.