Top 10 Biggest Airport in the World

Qatar’s airport has been declared the Best airport in the world. Millions of people travel by air every day, during which they also have the experience of spending time at the airport. Some airports do not like them, some seem mediocre and some make a place in their hearts, but the Most busy airport in the world is such that even after spending many hours, people feel like staying for some more time.

Top 10 Biggest Airport in the World

The busiest airport in the world has been compiled keeping in mind the public opinion about the facilities available in hundreds of airports around the world such as terminal layout, wi-fi availability restaurants, etc.

Biggest Airport in the World

South Korea’s Incheon Airport was ranked third and was also named the best family-friendly airport in the world. Japan’s Tokyo International and Tokyo Narita Airports were ranked as the fourth and fifth best airports,

Largest airport in the world

Paris’s Charles de Gaulle Airport was the sixth best airport in the world, followed by Dubai Airport. Germany’s Munich Airport was ranked 8th, Switzerland’s Zurich Airport 9th and Istanbul Airport 10th.

Top 10 Biggest Airport in the World

The battle for the world’s best airport has been between Qatar and Singapore. Last year, Singapore won the Most beautiful airport in the world for the 12th time and this year Qatar’s Hamad International Airport has won the title of the top 10 biggest airport in the world. He has previously won this award in 2021 and 2022.

  • Dubai Airport
  • Istanbul Airport
  • Munich Airport
  • Zurich Airport
  • Charles de Gaulle Airport
  • Changi Airport
  • Tokyo Airport
  • Incheon Airport Narita Airport
  • Hamad Airport
  • Singapore airport, equipped with waterfalls and glass bridges, came second in the section.

Qatar’s Airport

Qatar’s airport was built in 2014 and is now an international transit point in the Middle East. Spread over 600,000 square meters, its building has a single terminal, which is divided into five parts, but work is underway on its expansion.

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Which is the largest airport in the world?

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