Rustam Pakistan Dangal Final Match 7th May 2023

Rustam Pakistan Dangal Final Match 7th May 2023

The date of Rustam Pakistan Dangal has been announced. Pakistan Wrestling Federation (PWF) will hold the Rustam-e-Pakistan Dangal final. Dangal will be held on May 7 at the Punjab Stadium in Lahore. Wrestling has always been a popular sport in South Asia, especially in India and Pakistan.

The passion and enthusiasm for this sport can be seen in the way people celebrate their wrestlers and their victories. One such event that created a buzz in the wrestling world was the Rustam Pakistan Dangal. Some time ago, the preliminaries of Dangal were held in which Zaman Anwar Jani Pahlwan defeated Shehzad Pechar and Muhammad Asif defeated Tayyab Raza in the semi-finals.

Rustam Pakistan Dangal Final Match 7th May 2023


The winner will be awarded Rs500,000 and the runner-up Rs250,000. The 3rd position holder will get Rs150,000, while Rs100,000 will be given the wrestler who finishes fourth.

The sport of wrestling has always been popular in Pakistan, with a rich history of wrestlers who have made the nation proud. In recent years, the emergence of Rustam Pakistan Dangal has given a new lease of life to the sport, bringing in fresh talent and innovative formats to captivate audiences. The final match of Rustam Pakistan Dangal, scheduled for May 7th, 2023, promises to be a momentous occasion that will see the best wrestlers of the country face off against each other in a gripping showdown.

Zaman Anwar Jani of Gujranwala and Mohammad Asif of Bahawalpur will compete in this competition. On the occasion of Dangal, 30 small and big boats will also compete. The preparations for the event have been started, it will have a very positive impact in the future. Pakistan has gained worldwide fame in this sport in the past. can bring

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