Punjab Mazdoor Card Online Apply Pakistan

The Punjab government has introduced a Mazdoor card for the first time in the history of Pakistan after the health and farmer card. Eligible worker should get benefits from Punjab mazdoor card online apply Pakistan.

Punjab Mazdoor Card Online Apply Pakistan

The issuance of Punjab mazdoor card registration online for working brothers is an honor of Punjab government. The scope of Mazdoor card will be extended to the whole of Punjab and online apply through PESSI App.

Punjab mazdoor card apply

Punjab mazdoor card online apply Pakistan at Punjab mazdoor card portal www.labour.punjab.gov.pk. Applicants Punjab mazdoor card app download from google play store Punjab mazdoor card apply 2024.

Punjab mazdoor card registration

Punjab mazdoor card registration is a historic initiative of the Tehreek-e-Insaf government for workers. The card will not only provide treatment/financial facilities but also the labour brothers and sisters will get discounts on basic essential items.

Punjab mazdoor card benefits in Urdu

Punjab mazdoor card online registration at Mazdoor card online apply Punjab. Detail mazdoor card Punjab information is given about Punjab mazdoor card benefits in Urdu with Punjab mazdoor card registration code.

Punjab Mazdoor Card Online Apply

Punjab mazdoor card benefits in Urdu

Check distribution of talent scholarship for higher education to children of workers has been started. Punjab mazdoor card benefits included death grant, marriage grant and talent scholarship. Mazdoor card benefits in Urdu,  Under Punjab Workers Welfare Funds our labor brothers Provision of higher education to the children is being ensured.

  • پنجاب مزدور کارڈ کے ذریعے مزدوروں کو کھانے پینے ویگر بنیادی ضروری اشیا پر رعائت حاصل ہو گی
  • پنجاب مزدور کارڈ کو بطور اے ٹی ایم ‘ ڈیبٹ کارڈ اور موبائل والٹ اکاونٹ استعمال کیا جا سکے گا
  • کارڈ سے علاج و معالجہ/ مالی سہولیات حاصل ہوں گی

Mazdoor card online check

The Punjab mazdoor card online check will ensure the provision of the minimum wage to the workers. Industrial workers will benefit from the housing scheme and fraternity through labour cards, while up to 30 per cent discount will be given on the products of 150 companies.

Punjab mazdoor card status check online

Workers will be given concessions by railways, stores and private schools. Punjab mazdoor card status check online to link the health facility card with the labour card is also being worked on. Mazdoor ka ehsaas program registration.

Mazdoor card online apply Pakistan

Mazdoor card online apply Pakistan For the economic stability and social welfare of workers, Punjab Social Security started distributing the Punjab Mazdoor Card among the workers.

Punjab mazdoor card eligibility

Punjab mazdoor card apply online, the services of the Bank of Punjab for the Punjab Mazdoor Card are commendable. Bank of Punjab mazdoor card, workers are given rights in the true sense, none of the workers will remain poor. He added that workers will get discounts on various services through this card. Labour Secretary Nabil Javed said that the Punjab Mazdoor Card will revolution ise the lives of workers, as through the card, minimum wage laws can be implemented effectively.

How to apply Punjab mazdoor card

How to apply for Punjab mazdoor card, The Mazdoor Card can be used for ATM, Debit Card, Vault Account and Identity Code. Punjab Mazdoor Card will also have data related to the worker and his family. The Punjab Mazdoor Card will be used in social security hospitals and dispensaries across the province. The Punjab mazdoor card application will also be used in government and private hospitals on the panel. 11 Cash Benefit facilities will be available through this card.

Punjab mazdoor card helpline number :080073774

punjab mazdoor card 2024 banwane ka tarika. Punjab mazdoor card Pakistan With the help of Punjab Bank, 1.1 million workers will get labor cards and about 6.8 million members of the workers’ families will also benefit from this card.

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