PTCL & Ufone PUBG Mobile Tournament Pakistan Online Registration

PTCL & Ufone PUBG Mobile Tournament Pakistan Online Registration

Pakistan’s largest telecommunication group, PTCL and Ufone 4G have launched the sensational pubg mobile tournament 2023, ‘GameKey Arena’ under their new gaming platform ‘GameKey’. ) has invited professional and amateur gamers from all over Pakistan to participate. The launch of the ‘GameKey’ platform by PTCL Group aims to give all players convenient and easy access to the most popular online games so that they can enjoy a great gaming experience through pubg mobile tournament registration.

A strong gaming culture has grown in Pakistan over the past few years and the number of professional gamers and gaming squads participating in national and international tournaments has increased significantly, helping Pakistan to carve out a place in the global gaming scene.

PTCL & Ufone PUBG Mobile Tournament Pakistan Online Registration

PTCL and Ufone’s gaming platform also aims to further develop the country’s gaming scene by nurturing new talent and providing opportunities to professional gamers. It is being held with a commitment to bring out new gaming talent and provide an innovative platform for professional players to showcase their skills and expertise.

Game Arena registration is open till January 30 for professional and novice PUBG mobile players from across the country and players using any data network can participate.

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The National Qualifiers will be held online till February 8 while the Grand Final will be held on February 12 in Lahore.

PTCL & Ufone PUBG Mobile Tournament Pakistan Online Registration

PTCL Group will invite the top 16 squads to Lahore to participate in the pubg tournament Pakistan Grand Final, while the winning team of the Grand Final will be awarded a prize money of Rs.30 lakh. GameKey Arena is the first tournament organized under PTCL Group’s new gaming platform, but it is expected to emerge as a calendar event and annual gaming festival for Pakistani gamers. The finals of PTCL and Ufone’s e-sports gaming tournament ‘Game Ki Arena’ are being played today.

The final match of PUBG MOBILE under PTCL and Ufone’s biggest e-sports gaming tournament ‘GameKey Arena’ is being played today at Nishtar Park Sports Complex in Lahore. The tournament is being played on the recently launched e-sports gaming platform ‘GameKey’ by PTCL and Ufone.

More than seven hundred experienced and novice players from across the country participated in the qualifier round of the tournament. The qualifier round was played online with forty teams advancing to the semi-final round. These forty teams were divided into two groups of twenty each for the semi-finals, out of which the five best teams managed to reach the finals.

This is the first tournament being conducted on gaming platform GameKey by PTCL and Ufone. GameKey is a state-of-the-art gaming platform that will give all Pakistani gamers easy and convenient access to the best online games. PTCL Group has committed to making the Game Arena tournament an annual gaming festival to accelerate the process of discovering and promoting gaming talent in Pakistan. This will provide an unparalleled platform for experienced and novice players to showcase their talents and strive for success.

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