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PPC Pharmacy Assistant 39th Examination Date Sheet 2023

The PPC Pharmacy Assistant 39th Examination is an important milestone for individuals pursuing a career in the pharmaceutical field. This examination serves as a benchmark to assess the knowledge and skills of aspiring pharmacy assistants. PPC Pharmacy Assistant is an esteemed qualification that provides individuals with the necessary knowledge and skills to assist pharmacists in various healthcare settings. Aspiring pharmacy assistants undergo rigorous training and examinations to ensure their competency in this field. One crucial aspect of the examination process is the release of the 39th Examination Date Sheet, which plays a vital role in candidates’ preparation and planning.

Pharmacy Assistant (Supplementary) Practical date sheet is now online

The PPC Pharmacy Assistant examination serves as a benchmark for individuals pursuing a career in the pharmaceutical industry. It evaluates their theoretical knowledge, practical skills, and understanding of pharmacy-related concepts. To ensure a smooth examination process, the Pharmacy Council releases the Examination Date Sheet well in advance, enabling candidates to plan and prepare effectively.

PPC Pharmacy Assistant 39th Examination Date Sheet 2023

The 39th Supplementary Examination of Pharmacy Assistant 2023 will be held on 03 & 04 June 2023.

The PPC Pharmacy Assistant examination is designed to assess candidates’ proficiency in various subjects related to pharmacy practice. The examination comprises both written and practical components, covering essential topics such as pharmacology, pharmaceutical calculations, drug dispensing, and patient counseling. By evaluating these areas, the examination aims to ensure that pharmacy assistants are well-equipped to provide safe and effective pharmaceutical care.

PPC Lahore 39th exam pharmacy asst date sheet 

The Examination Date Sheet holds immense significance for candidates preparing for the PPC Pharmacy Assistant examination. It serves as a roadmap for their study plan, allowing them to allocate time to each subject and topic effectively. With a well-structured timetable, candidates can organize their preparation, set achievable goals, and manage their time efficiently. Additionally, the date sheet provides candidates with a clear understanding of the examination’s timeline, minimizing last-minute stress and ensuring they are adequately prepared.

The Pharmacy Council will announce the release of the 39th Examination Date Sheet through its official website and other communication channels. Candidates are advised to regularly check these sources to stay updated with the latest information. The date sheet will include specific details regarding the examination dates, timings, and venues, enabling candidates to make appropriate arrangements and adjustments to their schedules.

List of candidates for 39th Pharmacy Assistant (Supply) Examination 2023 can be Downloaded here Punjab Pharmacy Assistant 39th Annual Examination List of Candidates 2023

List of candidates of 39th Pharmacy Assistant (Supplementary) Examination 2023

List of Candidates 39th Supplementary Examination June 2023
Roll No EC No. 1 CN
CNIC No. Name & Father’s Name
1 18292 AF 34601-8671757-5 Muhammad Shahbaz
S/o Muhammad Yousaf
2 15011 AF 32303-0740464-9 Naveed Akhtar
S/o Khalil Ullah
3 10691 AF 31202-4719156-1 Muhammad Anwar
S/o Rasheed Ahmad
4 6802 AF 38403-2183195-9 Shahid Ahmed
S/o Atta Muhammad
5 18424 AF 33202-1275211-7 Muhammad Tasawar Noor
6 18663 AF 34101-4224916-1 Abdul Manan
S/o Abdul Majeed
7 18806 AF 35102-1243404-9 Naveed Ahmed
S/o Inayat AJi
8 19786 AF 35401-9783803-9 Muhammad Faisal
S/o Rahmat
9 19981 AF 34101-2442312-7 Muhammad Sufyan Janjua
10 19994 AF 38301-0778061-3 Muhammad Aslam Khan
11 20254 AF 37405-6266118-3 Asif Khan Awan
12 20544 AF 33202-2119900-5 Muhammad Safdar
13 20567 AF 35102-3114683-8 Tehseen Muzammil
14 20645 AF 33100-7928210-5 Rashid Mehmood
15 20065 AF 31105-0289693-1 Muhammad Yaqoob
S/o Abdul Ghani
16 7317 AF 35101-2514931-3 Tanveer Anjum
S/o Muhammad Yasin
17 13296 AF 36104-5883758-3 Arshad AJi
S/o Jaffar Ali
18 16286 AF 38403-2226075-7 Khalil ur Rehman
S/o Asqhar Ali
19 2742 AF 38302-1096641-1 Muhammad Zaman
S/o Abdul Rahaman
20 18600 AF 45102-2971737-1 Arfan Ali
S/o Saved All
21 18750 AF 35200-4923240-9 Mehtab Ajmad
S/o Abdul Jalil
22 18799 AF 37203-1520133-1 Mazhar Hussain
S/o Muhammad Saleh
23 18901 AF 35202-2809850-1 Muhammad Asim Muner
S/o Ch. Muner Ahmad
24 19073 AF 36303-0270144-1 Haider Nawaz
S/o Dr. Rab Nawaz
25 19345 AF 31303-0822008-5 Muzaffar Abbas
S/o Muhammad Akhtar
26 19369 AF 35402-2797189-9 Muhammad Tahir Nawaz
S/o Muhammad Nawaz
27 19402 AF 33103-2948382-3 Muhammad Waqas Aleem
S/o Muhammad Abb
28 19419 AF 36502-5279388-1 Muhammad Shahbaz
S/o Muhammad Nawaz
29 19486 AF 33402-0346425-3 Hafiz Amir Suhail
S/o Muhammad Asl
30 19489 AF 36602-5593137-3 Muhammad Mushtaq Tabassum
S/o Muha
31 19490 AF 33401-0406128-7 Waqar Zafar
S/o Zafar Abbas
32 19505 AF 35303-5256028-3 Muhammad Shahzad
S/o Muhammad Ism
33 19528 AF 35301-3410416-1 Naveed Hassan
S/o Sakhi Muhammad
34 19545 AF 36302-9185477-5 Muhammad Sajad
S/o Karim Bukhsh
35 19559 AF 36602-3721166-1 Niaz Ahmad
S/o Muhammad Arif
36 19597 AF 36302-0311517-3 Muhammad Azam Bhatti
S/o Hail Ab
37 19645 AF 32304-2634462-3 Adnan Yaqub Bhatti
S/o Muhamma
38 19720 AF 31304-2091543-5 Hafiz Nadeem Akhtar
S/o Rehm
39 19721 AF 33202-4254350-3 Muhammad Idrees
S/o Muhammad

The 39th Examination Date Sheet will outline the schedule for each paper of the PPC Pharmacy Assistant examination. It will provide the dates, timings, and duration of each paper, ensuring candidates are well-informed about the examination structure. It is crucial for candidates to adhere to the schedule strictly to avoid any inconvenience or confusion.

From next year the last date for the enrolment list of candidates along with documents and prescribed examination fee will be 31st May of Every Year