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PMC NLE Registration Form , Test Date and Result

PMC Examination is Necessary for License after MBBS. Pakistan Medical Council (PMC) ISlamabd introduced the National Examination for the Issuance of License after MBBS in Pakistan. Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) were dissolved by President Arif Alvi to cover the method for Pakistan Medial Commission (PMC).
PMC NLE Registration Form, Test Date, and Result 

Medical Students Must pass the Examination form PMC Islamabad after that they will be able to Practice License in Pakistan. Before \students get MBBS Degree and Started House Jobs in Pakistani Hospitals. Therefore MBBS Examination must pass for the students to get to study from Ferion Countries. Students of Pakistani Medical Universities are exempted from this examination. Conditions for this test for MBBS 2020 Degree Holders will get License after passing the test. PMC will conduct Examination two times in Pakistan whereas fail Medical Students take part more than one chance in the Examination.

PMC National licensing Examination (NLE) Registration Form

Pakistan Medical Commission Ordinance 2019:

The ‘Pakistan Medical Commission Ordinance 2019’ introduced by the President to dissolve PMDC says that it is to improve the standard of medical education in the country.

NLE Examination:

Under section 19 of the ordinance, students of Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) and Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) graduating after March 2020 will have to pass the National licensing Exam (NLE) to start practice in Pakistan.


Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)

Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS)

The new PMC will include the Medical and Dental Council, The National Medical and Dental Academic Board, and The National Medical Authority.

A uniform standard of medical education and training will be introduced under PMC.

Recognized Institution and Colleges
Statistics of Medical and Dental Colleges in Pakistan
Medical Colleges
Dental Colleges
Postgraduate Institutes

Download PMDC License Registration Form

You can Download the PMC National licensing Exam (NLE) Registration Form 2020 official website News Published in Newpapers which is given on this page for the help of Students that Pass MBBS In Pakistan and other Country.

List of NEB Candidates



For those candidates who do not see their names in the list of candidates appearing in the NEB Step I exam but did apply before the 12th of November, please contact Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) immediately on the given phone number 051- 9106171 or visit the PMC office along with their NEB Step I form and fee slip.

pmdc registration number of doctors

The admission in a private college would be in accordance with the criteria of that college and not according to the policy of provincial governments. The private colleges can also take any additional entry tests or impose any other conditions.pmc mbbs test 2020.

pmdc registration form

pmdc registration 2020

You also get information about PMC rules 2020 and pmdc latest news which is published  Medical Students Holding degree  get pmdc registration renewal form 2020 and PMC rules 2020

PMC renewal form 2020

PMC faculty registration

PMC National licensing Examination (NEL) Result 2020

The PMC will announce the results of the National licensing Exam (NLE). This examination is taken from Pakistani nationals who have received medical and dental qualifications from abroad.

PMC National licensing Examination (NLE) Result