Pifra Salary Slip online Registration Method Guide for Govt Employees

PIFRA has introduced online Email Registration for Government Employees and they can get their Salary Slips on their Gmail account and their salary graphs.  All information about the Salary is given on one page and you can check any time and anywhere with internet service All over the world. pifra salary slip

Pifra Salary Slip online Registration Method, Documents required, Fill the registration form

All the Government Departments Pakistan Employees Male and Female including doctors, teachers, job holders, high-level officers, and junior clerks of colleges and schools staff want to download the salary slips then the Govt. of Pakistan Finance Department has a smart opportunity for the whole Male and Female employees to get their Monthly payroll and salary slips online at para website simply the way I will tell you about the complete method how can you apply for a payroll and salary slip online under the below check it.

PIFRA Online Email Registration Form for Government Employees

pifra payslip registration form

Information Needs for getting the Online Salary Slips for www.pifra.gov.pk registration:

  • Province (Sindh, Punjab, Balochistan, Sarhad, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa)
  • The Employee Should be a member of Govt. Departments
  • Employees have a Personal Number
  • Full Name
  • New CNIC Number
  • DOB, Date of Birth
  • Mobile Number
  • Yahoo or Gmail Email Address
  • Scale
  • Free Download Online Pifra Payroll Salary

Now you do not go to the accounting office, simply fill out the registration form and submit it online. Now application fee and free online registration.

PIFRA Complete Online Guide For Govt of Pakistan Employees. How to Register Online For Pay Slip by www.pifra.gov.pk 

Documents required for online registration for Salary Slips:

Employees Category. Provincial/Federal

Personal Number which is given by the account office

NIC Number

Date of Birth

Mobile phone Number

Email for Registration and for Salary dispatch.

Online Pifra Payslip Email Registration Method:

How to Email Register Online Salary Slip of Government Employees

Setup 1:- Open the https://www.pifra.gov.pk, Firstly You Click the Email Registration Form

Teachers Pifra Salary Pay Slip Online Download

Setup 2:- Fill out the full form, form filling instructions read it carefully.

Male Female Govt Employees Salary Slips Download

Select your personal information like

F = Federal, N = KP Govt, S = Sindh,

B = Balochistan, P = Punjab, DGP = District Govt Punjab,

K = Kashmir, GB = Gilgit-Baltistan, GBC = GB Council,

C = Kashmir Council

Online Pifra Salary Pay Roll Sign-Up

Select the category in which you are working and type in Government Code box S=Sindh i.e.
Insert the Employee’s Personnel No in the text box.
Next, Enter Your CNIC Number (National Identity Card No) Remember only the New NIC number enters ok.
After the Date of Birth is entered in the next cell format I will explain it in the picture you can check it like 03.03.1987 ok.
Mobile Number enters simply and presses this button I will give you under.

How Can create salary slips online pifra?

The next page appears on your screen then type your correct email address carefully two times and press enter on your keyboard button if you fill the form correctly then an SMS will be received with your registered phone number and next month your salary slip include all allowances details like Medical, house rent, emergency, pension, payroll and fund details charts to send you by the Pifra in your registered email address every month in this shape.

Now you have completed the whole procedure or criteria to sign up for Pifra Pay Rol Salary Slip Online and get the Government Employees (Sarkari Mulazmeen, Mulazmin) Registration online Pay Slip via the email address on monthly basis and then you can log in to your Gmail or Yahoo ID and get on each month your salary slip all the pay allowances details, bank accounts, Pension, payroll, medical, house, emergency and other allowances details of all departments countdown you can check easily in PDF File to open this for required the Adobe Acrobat Reader to install your computer and see it.

Government Employees Salary Online Create Account

Related Terms or Keywords mostly used to find the Pifra Salary Slip Pay Rol Online on Google:

Pifra Abbreviation or Stand for (Project to Improve Financial Reporting and Auditing {Pakistan Governmental})

Pifra Salary  Slip Email Registration for Male & Female Employees:

PIFRA is actively engaged in promoting transparency, accountability, and professionalism in public financial management.

 With our modernizing and capacity-building initiatives, public sector managers can use real-time and accurate financial information for fiscal management and informed decision-making.

There has been a significant impact on our efforts on the overall working environment of Finance, Accounts, and Audit organizations.

Pifra salary slips registration form:

PIFRA aims to improve governance in the fiscal management sphere to achieve the vision of a strengthened Integrated Financial Management System (IFMS) of the country.

Objectives of the revised project are the same as those of PIFRA II and PIFRA-I, enlisted below:

pifra online salary slip registration for govt employees

Modernize government audit procedures and adopt internationally accepted auditing standards.

Establish effective accounting and reporting systems.

Strengthen financial management practices.

Generate financial information, which is more useful, complete, reliable, and timely. Improved data will facilitate program management by government decision-makers.

Tighten internal controls and minimize the occurrence of errors and irregularities in the processing of payments and receipts.

PIFRA salary slip format:

The objectives of the project are in line with the sectoral objectives of MTDF 2005-10. One of the key sectoral objectives (the Governance sector) of MTDF relates to an improvement in the indicators of governance in the country.

The Chapter of MTDF on Governance considers PIFRA as a major initiative leading towards good governance.

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