Pharmacy Technician annual Examination Important Guess Papers 2024

Pharmacy Technician 26th annual examination will be held on 6th and 7th January 2024. Pharmacy Technician important guess Papers out of which 70% paper will come from this guess you can save your year by preparing three to four days. Complete content is available in simple, easy and simple words for preparation.

Pharmacy Technician annual Examination Important Guess Papers 2024

Pharmacy Technician part 1 and 2 complete and MCQ objectives and Subjective.

(1) Define carbohydrates & it’s source of carbohydrates
(2) Note on Function of carbohydrates in animal body important
(3) Classification of carbohydrates most important
(4) Define lipids & it’s properties important chapter for all
(5) Define protein & it’s Biological role of Proteins important
(6) Simple protein most important question
(7) Classification of Standard Amino Acids most important
(8)Characteristics of RNA and DNA most important
(9) Important hormones growth hormone, Oxytocin, Insulin
(10) Functions of enzymes important
(11) Function & deficiency of Vitamin A, D, K, b 2,3,7,9,12 most important vitamin

(1) Cell chapter important for Mcqs
(2) Define Bone explain types & function important
(3) Define Joints & explain it’s types important
(4) Lymphatic system & it’s function important
(5) Blood chapter most important
(6) Note on Blood Pressure, (ECG),Heart sounds Hemorrhage important
(7) Respiratory system chapter most important for Mcqs
(8) Function of Respiration important
(9) Skin chapter most important
(10) Gastro intestinal tract chapter most important for Mcqs
(11) Note & function on Gall Bladder,Liver,Bile Juice,Gastric juice,Pancreatic secretions
(12) Note on Urine important
(13) Special Senses most important
(14) Note on GH ,insulin and oxytocin

(1)1st chapter important for Mcqs
(2)important for classification of crude drug Morphological Method, Pharmacological Method,Chemical Method
(3)3rd chapter for MCQ
(4)4th chapter most important for classification of Evaluation of Drug
(5)Note on Difference b/w Enzymes & catalyst most important
(6)Note on Properties of enzymes important
(7)Classification of old method of Enzymes important
(8) Most important Bromelain,Papain note any
(9)Allergen And types most important Question
(10)types of hypersensitivity shortly explain important
(11)Note on BLOOD TESTING important
(12)Chromatography most important chapter 13):- Most important paper, Column,chromatography
(14)Note on any one Infusion Decoction,Macceration & types most important

Pharmacy Technician annual Examination Important Guess Papers 2024

Pharmacy Council Books

Practical Notes

Practical List of Pharmacy Technician Part-1


Study of human skeleton.


Determination of Hemoglobin (Hb)

R.B.C count

W.B.C count

Bleeding time

Coagulation time

Blood groups

Recording of Arterial pulse

Recording of arterial blood pressure

Determination of E.S.R



Qualitative Analysis of Carbohydrates, Lipids and Sterols (Cholesterol), Blood Analysis

Quantitative Analysis of Carbohydrates (Glucose, Fructose, Sucrose, Starch)


Sterilization of glassware

Simple staining of yeast

Gram staining of given culture

Microbiological Analysis of Air, Water and Soil


Introduction of Acacia, senna, temarind, Glycyrrhiza, ginger, curcuma, fennel, coriander, belladonna,
capsicum, garlic, digitalis, peppermint, spearmint, aloe vera

Extraction of the active constituents of crude drugs and chemical test for the identification.

Isolation and Demonstration of Chromatographic Techniques.

PHARMACEUTICS-1 (General. Physical and Dispensing)

Experiments to demonstrate some of physico-chemical processes like simple distillation, steam
distillation, crystallization

Preparation of Isotonic solution and buffer solution

Determination of %age composition of solutions by specific gravity

Preparation of Iodine tincture

Preparation of Simple ointment

Preparation of Sulphur ointment

Preparation of ORS

Practical introduction to prescription, interpretation, labeling

Important questions for viva

MCQs Short Questions

Q. No.1. Define Pharmacognosy? Write down scopes of Pharmacognosy?
Q. No. 2. Define Pharmacognosy according to American Society of Pharmacognosy and write a note on Morphological method of classification of crude drug?
Q. No. 3. What is classification of crude drug? Write a note on Pharmacological method of classification?
Q. No. 4. Define Evaluation of crude drug? Write a note on any one of them Organoleptic or Physical?
Q. No. 5. Define Enzyme? Write difference between Enzymes and Catalysts?
Q. No. 6. Write a note on properties of enzymes?
Q. No. 7. (a) Write a note on Papain or Bromelain?
(b) Write a note on new method of classification of enzymes?
Q. No. 8. Define Allergens write a note on types of Allergens?
Q. No. 9. Define Hypersensitivity describe its types?
Q. No. 10. Write a note on Type 1(Immediate Allergy) ?
Q. No. 11. Write a note on Type 2(Antibody Mediated Toxicity?
Q. No. 12. What are Immune Complex Disorders?
Q. No. 13. Write a note on DTH(Delayed Type Hypersensitivity) ?
Q. No. 14. Write a note on Skin tests of Allergy?
Q. No. 15. Write a note on Blood tests involve in the diagnosis of Allergy?
Q. No. 16. Write down different approaches use in treatment of Allergy?
Q. No. 17. Define Chromatography? Write a note on paper chromatography?
Q. No. 18. Write a note on Column Chromatography?
Q. No. 19. What is TLC write down it’s applications?
Q. No. 20. Define Extraction write down its types and describe any one of them Infusion or decoction or Maceration or Percolation?
Q. No. 21. Write Family, Botanical Name, toxic components and symptoms of plants causing GIT Toxicity?

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