Pharmacy Technician Result 2024 Application Form For Re-Checking

Pharmacy technicians play a crucial role in the healthcare system, and the accuracy of their results is paramount. In this article, we’ll delve into the process of re-checking the Pharmacy Technician Result 2024 application form, ensuring that every candidate has the opportunity to address any concerns and ensure result accuracy.

Pharmacy Technician Result 2024 Application Form For Re-Checking

The Last date for the submission of supplementary examination Form is 20th April 2024 with single examination Fee of Rs 4500/- and last date is 28th April 2024 with double fee of Rs. 9000.

The Pharmacy Technician Result 2024 Application Form for Re-Checking is a crucial avenue for candidates seeking to ensure the accuracy and fairness of their results. By understanding the process, adhering to guidelines, and actively participating in the re-checking journey, candidates contribute to maintaining the integrity of the pharmacy technician examination system.

Pharmacy technician result 2024

Last date for rechecking of paper/result is 15.03.2024. Rechecking fee of Rs. 500/- each paper.

Pharmacy Technician Result 2023 Application Form For Re-Checking

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Note: Pharmacy Technician Course can only be applied through our Approved Institutions. A list of Approved Institutions can be found. Punjab pharmacy technician annual exam 2024-2025.

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