International Nurses Day 2024 Images , Quotes and Poster

Today is a day to pay tribute to the services of nurses across the world. Nursing department is the backbone of the health system.

International Nurses Day 2024

Nursing Day will be officially celebrated on March 2 every year in Punjab. The monthly stipend for nursing students has been increased from Rs 20,171 to Rs 31,470.

Nursing Day 2nd March 2022

How to celebrate International Nurses Day

A Male Nursing College has been set up at Shahdara Teaching Hospital Lahore and for the first time an online system of admissions for nursing program has been introduced in collaboration with PITB.

Happy National Nurses Day

The Punjab government has completed the process of affiliation of 16 nursing colleges with medical universities.

Nurses day 2024 images

Government will  bring modern reforms in the nursing sector of Punjab. Nurses will be given courses according to modern requirements.


Nursing instructors, deputy nursing superintendents, and clinical instructors have been promoted from grade 17 to grade 18. People in the field of nursing serve humanity without distinction.

Nurses day 2024 Quotes

صوبائی وزیر صحت خواجہ سلمان رفیق نے نرسوں کے عالمی دن کے موقع پر کہا کہ آج پوری دنیا میں نرسوں کی خدمات پر خراج تحسین پیش کرنے کا دن منایا جا رہا ہے۔

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