Ghazi Tractor Price in Pakistan 2024 today All Models

The prices of AGTL tractor models are being adjusted as a result of the rising cost of raw materials and other manufacturing inputs, which has increased the cost of producing tractors. Price of a 640 tractor in Pakistan in 2023. Pakistani marketplace for Ghazi tractors. Price of a Fiat tractor 480 in Pakistan in 2024.

Farming has undergone a revolution thanks to agricultural machinery, which has allowed for the extensive cultivation of land and a large increase in food output. Particularly tractors have changed the way farming is carried out by displacing physical labour with effective mechanisation. Today’s farmers use tractors to plough, plant, harvest, and carry out a variety of other operations, which improves productivity while saving time and labour expenses.

Ghazi Tractor Price in Pakistan 2024 today All Models

Tractors made by New Holland Al-Ghazi are known for being of the highest calibre and being able to satisfy the various demands of farmers all over the world. 385 tractor price in Pakistan 2023 With decades of experience, the company has continually produced cutting-edge and dependable agricultural equipment, earning it the preference of farmers of all sizes.

New Holland Al-Ghazi Tractor Price List December 2023

Al ghazi tractor price in Pakistan 2024

A well-known tractor manufacturer in Pakistan is AGTL AL Ghazi Tractors Ltd. Al Ghazi Tractor Costs, Features, and Reviews of All Pakistani Models. Under the aegis of New Holland technology, AGTL produces tractors. There tractor’s engine power is regarded as being quite effective. Pakistan is the nation that produces the least expensive tractors in the entire globe.

Customers from other nations favour buying tractors in Pakistan. Al ghazi tractor price in Pakistan today included the most recent Al Ghazi tractor prices. Millat Tractors Ltd. is a formidable rival of AGTL. The terms and conditions outlined in the quotation will apply to quotations sent to institutions in response to bids and/or other requests.

New Holland Al-Ghazi Tractor Price List December 2023

Al ghazi tractor price today

For contemporary farmers, new Holland tractor price in Pakistan 2024 have shown to be dependable and effective. In the agricultural machinery sector, their wide variety of models, cutting-edge technology, and dedication to excellence make them a top option. These tractors offer the performance and adaptability required to compete in today’s dynamic agriculture business, whether it is small-scale farming or huge commercial operations.

New holland tractor price in Pakistan

The effective date of the ghazi tractor price in Pakistan today increase notified through the 11th April Circular hereby stands amended through this supplemental circular. Accordingly, the model-wise prices, as specified in the table below (and previously communicated through the 11th April Circular)  are being revised with effect from 27th April 2023 as below:

Sr. NoModelsHPRevised Price (Rs.)Price Effective
1NH480S552,024.000-27th April 2023
2Nil 480S (Power Plus)552,101.000/-
4NH 640753,082.000/-
5Nil DABUNG-85853.178.000/-
6Nil 70-56 4WD854,272.000/-

Terms & Conditions:

For cases where 100% payment is made upfront by or before 26h April 2024. through financial instruments including pay orders/demand drafts/CDR/ /online payments/cash deposit slips, such cases will be considered at current prices notified through AGTL letter no. GMM/Price/1.2/2024 dated l1th February 2023. For bank loan cases, if (i) supply orders are issued by or before 26th April 2024 and (ii) payments are received by AGTL by or before the intimation letter dates, such cases will be considered at current prices noticed as per AGTL letter no. GMM/Price/1.2/2024. dated 16th February 2024.

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