NCH DHMS Result 2023 Position Holders List

The NCH DHMS Result 2023 is the outcome of the rigorous examination process conducted by the National Council for Homoeopathy. The exams test the knowledge, skills, and practical understanding of the students in various subjects related to homoeopathic medicine. These exams are held annually and are highly competitive, with a large number of students appearing from different homoeopathic colleges across the country.

National Council of Homeopathy(NCH) DHMS Result 2023 Position Holders List

Examination Committee of National Council of Homeopathy has declared the list of Position Holders of DHMS Annual Examinations 2022 and gazzatte dhms 2023 on official website Students can check their Position with Roll Numbers and Congratulations to all the top position students.

National Council for Homeopathy (DHMS) annual Result 2023

The position holders list in the NCH DHMS Result 2023 holds significant importance for both the students and the institutions. It serves as a recognition of the hard work, dedication, and academic excellence of the top-performing students. The position holders act as role models for future aspirants, inspiring them to strive for excellence in their studies. Furthermore, the position holders list also enhances the reputation of the institutions and reflects the quality of education provided by them.

NCH DHMS Result 2023 Position Holders List

The NCH DHMS Result 2023 has witnessed exceptional performances from students across the country. The top position holders have showcased their brilliance and expertise in homoeopathic medical sciences. The list of position holders includes students who have achieved outstanding scores in the exams, demonstrating their deep understanding of the subject matter. These position holders have set new benchmarks and raised the bar for excellence in the field of homoeopathy.

First Top Three Positions DHMS Annual Examination 2022

First Year

1st Position Khadija Komal 526 Marks

2nd Position Maryam Rasheed 508 Marks

3rd Rimsa Rasheed 505 Marks

2nd Year

1st Position Warda Naz Marks 510

2nd  position Sidra Abid 509 Marks

3rd Position Faqeer Muhammad 506 Marks

3rd Years

1st Position Ifrah Rehman Marks 580

2nd Position Saba Asif Marks 579

3rd Position Sheher Bano Marks 570

4th Year

1st Position Noor Fatima Marks 564

2nd Position Meroz Baing Marks 553

3rd Position Huma Akhtar Marks 548

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