National curriculum of Pakistan 2024 PDF Download

Islamabad: The National Curriculum Council has approved the implementation of the single national curriculum from class 9 to 12. The Pakistan national curriculum, syllabus for schools will be implemented in the schools of the federal capital and federal ministries.

Single national curriculum books pdf 2024 class 8 will be applied to all educational institutions in Islamabad as well as institutions established under the federal government across the country and no department will be exempted from it.

National curriculum of Pakistan 2024 PDF Download

National Curriculum Council has decided to upgrade optional subjects, trade for technical education and additional technical subjects and now students will be able to study new subjects in line with the modern age.

National curriculum of Pakistan 2024 PDF Download 

National curriculum of Pakistan 2024 PDF Download, now in all the provinces i.e. Sindh, Punjab, Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, it is being notified in a phased manner that the optional, trade for technical education and technical subjects of the ninth to twelfth standard i.e. a total of 83 subjects will be updated.

Single national curriculum of Pakistan

Under the National Curriculum of Pakistan, in the first phase after the federation, Sindh can teach the new curriculum in the optional subjects of the ninth and eleventh grade this year, while the upgraded curriculum can be taught in the tenth and twelfth grade next year in 2025. Sindh has It will be an option for them to update their syllabus.

Technical education subjects include Medical Technology, Fashion Designing and Dressmaking, Graphic Designing and Media Production, Hospitality and Tourism Management, Data Coding among others.

Additional technical subjects for classes IX to XII include Advertising, Telecommunication Technology, Civil Construction, Computer Application, Computer Hardware, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Event Management, Food Processing and Preservation, Motor Winding, Automation and Robotics Technology, Welding, Woodworking. Articles included.

Electives include Textiles and Textiles, Food and Nutrition, General Science, English Literature, Psychology, Library Sciences, Modern World History, History of Muslim India, Islamic Civilization, Philosophy, Civics, Sociology, Chinese, Principles of Accounting, Child Development. , Typing and Shorthand, Education, Health and Physical Education, Islamic History, Home Economics, Punjabi, German, Economics, Fundamentals of Food and Nutrition, Home Nursing, Introduction to Art and Design, Principles of Commerce, French, Persian, Arabic Including others.

National curriculum of Pakistan pdf download

According to the notification issued by Sohail bin Aziz, Assistant Educational Advisor of the National Curriculum Council, the single national curriculum books pdf of the ninth and eleventh classes will be implemented in 2024, the new curriculum of the tenth and twelfth classes will be implemented in 2025, the notification of the single national curriculum books pdf 2024 has been sent to all provinces. , the provinces will notify the implementation of the new syllabus with the approval of their laws and cabinet.

National curriculum of Pakistan 2024 English pdf


single national curriculum books pdf free download from the official website. single national curriculum books for class 6 pdf free download includes Urdu, English, Pakistan Studies, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science, Islamiat and Entrepreneurship.

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single national curriculum Pakistan, Under the National Curriculum Council, new subjects were introduced in the ninth to twelfth classes in all the provinces after 28 years after the federation to adapt the students to the modern requirements.

Single national curriculum pdf is involved at all levels along with all measures of curriculum development. A comprehensive consultation exercise was conducted with stakeholders including policy makers, academics, teachers, parents and students from across Pakistan. For this purpose, not only policy dialogues were organized across Pakistan, but also several curriculum workshops were organized to get feedback from the concerned authorities.

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