Saturday , November 26 2022

Nadra Rahbar Mobile App in Pakistan

Nadra Rahbar Mobile App in Pakistan

National Database and Registration Authority (Nadra) has launched a mobile application ‘Rahbar’ which would not only enable citizens across the country to find the nearest Nadra Service Centre but offer much more through a simple click.

The app would display the offices in a list view as well as on a map. The map would also show the location of nearby Mobile Registration Van along with the registration office, making it convenient for users to navigate towards any NADRA centre with ease. Rahbar Mobile App can be downloaded from Google Play Store (Android) and Apple Store (iOS) which can easily be accessed from all over Pakistan.

Nadra Rahbar Mobile App

Citizen’s residing inside Pakistan were unable to know about the location of the Nadra centre that best suits their vicinity. With Rahbar, the citizens can now make a well-informed decision about visiting any Nadra centre, keeping in view the location, distance, number of applicants-in-waiting, and average processing time through their mobile phones.

Rahbar Mobile App will ensure convenience and auto-facilitation for a common citizen along with cementing the direct partnership between NADRA services and the society as a whole

The smart mobile app will guide citizens to the nearest NADRA office, average home processing time and number of applicants in queue and office hours.This smart app developed by NADRA to address the complaints of long queues and long waits at NADRA centers enables citizens to visit their nearest and less crowded NADRA office.