Nadra Rahbar Mobile App in Pakistan

There is good news for citizens who are tired of long queues at NADRA Centers that now various facilities including renewal of national identity cards without waiting in queues have been made available at post offices. In 10 General Post Offices (GPOs) in Karachi, citizens can Counters have been set up to provide facilities regarding National Identity Cards where devices connected to NADRA system have been installed for provision of NADRA facilities. Post office counters have facilities for renewal of identity cards, change of marital status while The facility of issuing replacements for lost identity cards will also be available at the counters Check NADRA Identity Card Residential Address Change Online Procedure on official website.

The office of NADRA has now come to the mobile phones of Pakistani citizens as through the latest Pak ID mobile app offered by NADRA, citizens can now not only process all applications for ID cards and other identification documents. You can complete it on your mobile phone, but you can also order ID cards or documents at your home, because thanks to the Pak ID mobile app, which was released in March this year, now NADRA offices can make ID cards and family registration cards for Pakistani citizens. There is absolutely no need to go and wait in long queues

Nadra Rahbar Mobile App in Pakistan

National Database and Registration Authority (Nadra) has launched a mobile application ‘Rahbar’ which would not only enable citizens across the country to find the nearest Nadra Service Centre but offer much more through a simple click. National ID Card for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP) is issued by NADRA to Pakistanis living abroad. There has been a revision of Nycoup fees in different categories and now the fee for the new Smart Nycoup normal service is $39, urgent service is $57 and executive service is $75. The fee for Smart Nycop modification and Smart Nycop Duplicate is 39 dollars, 57 dollars and 75 dollars respectively in all three categories.

The renewal fee of Smart Nycop is kept at 39 dollars in all three categories. It will be mandatory to provide the passport number of a Pakistani child born abroad to get a nycop. Application can be made at NADRA Registration Center or Pak ID website to get a Naikop. At the NADRA center you will first be given a token and your photograph, fingerprints and signature will be taken at the turn. After all data entry you will be given a printed form which you have to submit back after verification

The app would display the offices in a list view as well as on a map. The map would also show the location of nearby Mobile Registration Van along with the registration office, making it convenient for users to navigate towards any NADRA centre with ease. Rahbar Mobile App can be downloaded from Google Play Store (Android) and Apple Store (iOS) which can easily be accessed from all over Pakistan.

Nadra Rahbar Mobile App

Citizen’s residing inside Pakistan were unable to know about the location of the Nadra centre that best suits their vicinity. With Rahbar, the citizens can now make a well-informed decision about visiting any Nadra centre, keeping in view the location, distance, number of applicants-in-waiting, and average processing time through their mobile phones.  Rahbar Mobile App will ensure convenience and auto-facilitation for a common citizen along with cementing the direct partnership between NADRA services and the society as a whole.

The Pak ID mobile app also includes a document recognition system and biometric authentication facility through which you can complete all the steps involved in the process of creating identity documents, such as uploading required documents, through your mobile phone. can create photo and fingerprints and also add digital signature to the online application.

Identity cards can be renewed from the post office up to one year after expiry and can also change the home address, signature and photograph. However, blood relationship biometric facility is not available at the post office. Renewal of form from Grade 16 Officer is mandatory for FRC and (b) form issuance facilities are not available. The agreement with NADRA for setting up counters at Pakistan Post Office is for 10 years. The smart mobile app will guide citizens to the nearest NADRA office, average home processing time and number of applicants in queue and office hours.This smart app developed by NADRA to address the complaints of long queues and long waits at NADRA centers enables citizens to visit their nearest and less crowded NADRA office.

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