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The Federal government, under the guidance of the Prime Minister, has introduced the Prime Minister Meri Gari Scheme 2024 (میری گاڑی سکیم) as part of the Prime Minister Car Loan Scheme for the public in the budget for the next financial year. You can apply for the Meri Gari Scheme Pakistan 2024 or the PM Car Loan Scheme 2024 through the official websites meri gari scheme gov pk or The scheme even includes special offers like the Changan Karvaan Prime Minister Loan Scheme.

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The Meri Gari scheme application form download or Government Car Scheme for 2024, customs and regulatory duties for vehicles up to 850 cc have been abolished. The government car scheme 2024 is a part of the broader Govt Scheme for Car loans aimed at making cars more affordable. In recent years, car prices have risen sharply, leading to a decline in sales. The government has taken steps like abolishing federal excise duty and customs duty on vehicles to counter this.

PM Meri Ghari Scheme 2024

If you are interested, you can “Meri Gari Scheme 2024 online apply” or pm meri gari scheme official website PM Meri Gari Scheme 2024 apply online at meri gari scheme 2024 to take advantage of these benefits. The expectation is that if the prices of vehicles go down, the demand will increase, making it a win-win for everyone.

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Meri gari scheme 2024 online apply Now the government has announced a new ‘car financing scheme’ to deal with the situation, under which interest rates will be reduced.

Government Car Loan Scheme 2024

The new interest rate is likely to be 5 to 6 percent. Vehicle sales have increased due to government concessions in the budget. Sales of 800cc cars have increased by 403 percent per month and 164 percent per annum. Last month, 7,060 units of 800cc cars were sold.

PM Meri Gari Scheme 2024 Apply Online

Under the meri ghadi scheme introduced by the government, customs and regulatory duty has been abolished for vehicles up to 850 cc, while exemption from advance customs duty on already manufactured vehicles and new models has also been given for meri gari scheme govt of Pakistan.

Meri Gari Scheme Online Apply

Pakistani Nationality holder should get access meri gari scheme online apply through the meri gari scheme apply. The Meri Gari Scheme introduced by the government will benefit the low-income people, including teachers and other professionals, under which the salaried class will be able to easily buy their decent rides. Introducing a new scheme called Meri Gari, reducing taxes on 1000cc vehicles instead of 800.

Application Procedure

The government is formulating a new auto policy that will give more tax breaks to buyers of 850cc to 1000cc vehicles. It is currently being proposed that the interest rate should be 5% for 1000 cc vehicles and 6% for larger vehicles. The new policy will be finalized by the end of next month. Meri gari scheme in Urdu will be published soon…

Last date to Apply:

Update soon…

meri ghari scheme An interest-free loan of Rs. 500,000 will be given to the poor for business, loans will also be given for business, health cards will also be given to citizens, agri-malls are being set up across the country on farmer’s products.apni gari scheme 2021 budget.

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The government has announced tax breaks to bring down the prices of vehicles below 1,000 cc. According to a report by Pak Whales, federal excise duty on all vehicles will be reduced by 2.5% while sales tax on 1,000 cc vehicles will be reduced. Will be reduced from 17% to 12.5% and Federal Excise Duty 2.5 will be abolished to zero, which is likely to reduce the price of vehicles by 6.3%.

Meri gari scheme 2024 form

Suzuki Wag R: This car is very popular in Pakistan which has three different models. 17 lakh 71 thousand will come. The price of Wagon R “VXL” can be reduced by one lakh 9 thousand after which it will be cheaper from 17 lakh 30 thousand to 16 lakh 21 thousand rupees. The price of VAGR “VXR” is also expected to decrease by Rs. 130,000 after which its price will come down to Rs. 1537,000.

Cultus: Suzuki’s second most popular car today is the Cultus, as it is 1,000 cc, which will affect the government’s tax rebate on its price. After this, the car will be reduced from Rs. 17 lakh 80 thousand to Rs. 16 lakh 68 thousand. There is an opportunity to reduce the price of Cultus “VXL” by Rs. 18 lakh 46 thousand. With the assistance of BOP, obtain a Suzuki Bolan with ease through the successful Prime Minister’s Youth Car Scheme. Don’t let this fantastic chance pass you by.

PM Meri Gari Scheme 2024 Apply Online

Honda Atlas announced a Rs 135,000 reduction in the price of its popular car, the Civic 1.5RS Turbo, after which the price dropped from Rs 4.7 million to Rs 4.56 million. The price of Honda Swivel 1.8 IVTech CVT has been reduced by Rs. 115,000, its new price has been reduced to Rs. 3.614 million. After which the car has come down from Rs 3.98 million to Rs 3.86 million.

Model VariantOld Price
New Price


Alto VX1.198.00074.0001,124.000
Alto VXR1.433.00089.0001,344,000
Alto VXL ACS1.633.000101.0001,532,000
Cultus VXR1.780.000110.0001,670.000
Cultus VXL1.970.000122.0001,848,000
Cultus VXL ACS2.130.000132.0001,998,000
Wagon R VXR1.640.000102.0001,538,000
Wagon R VXL1.730.000107.0001,623,000
Wagon R ACS1.890.000117.0001,773,000
Swift DLX,982,000
Swift DLX 1.3 Auto2.210.00053.0002.157,000


Yaris GLi M/T 1.32.509.00060.0002.449,000
Yaris GLi CVT 1.32.689.00064.0002,625.000
Yaris ATIV M/T 1.32.619.00062.0002.557.000
Yaris ATiV CVT 1.32.769.00066.0002.703.000
Yaris ATIV X M/T 1.52.829.00067.0002.762,000
Yaris ATIV X CVT 1.52.999.00071.0002,928,000
Corolla AltisX Manual,142,000
Corolla Allis X Automatic 1.63.369.00080.0003.289.000
Corolla AltisX 1.83.549.00084.0003,465,000
Corolla Allis X CVT-i 1.83.699.00088.0003.611.000
Corolla Altis Grande X CVT 1.8
Beige Interior
Corolla Altis Grande X CVT 1.8
Black Interior
Fortuner 2.7 G7.999.000186.0007.813.000
Fortuner 2.7 WTi9.299.000217.0009.082.000
Fortuner 2.8 Sigma 49.649.000225.0009,424.000
Civic 1.8 l-VTEC CVT3.729.00089.0003.640.000
Civic Oriel 1.8 i-VTEC CVT3.979.00095.0003,084.000
Civic 1.5 VTEC Turbo Oriel4.449.000106.0004.343,000
Civic 1.5 RS Turbo4.699.000112.0004.587.000
BRV l-VTEC M/T3.159.00075.0003.084.000
BRV l-VTEC A/T3.319.00079.0003.240.000
BRV i-VTEC SA/T3.479.00083.0003.396.000
Picanto 1.0 M/T1,899.000118.0001.781.000
Picanto 1.0 A/T2.049.000127.0001,922,000
Sportage Alpha4.399.000105.0004,294,000
Sportage FWD4,899.000117.0004.782,000
Sportage AWD5.399.000129.0005,270,000
Sorento 2.4 FWD6,999.000163.0006,836,000
Sorento 2.4 AWD7.999.000187.0007,812,000
Sorento 3.5 FWD8.399.000196.0008,203.000
Elantra CLS4.049.00096.0003,953,000
Tucson FWD A/T CLS Sport5.099.000121.0004,978,000
Tucson AWD A/T Ultimate5.599.000133.0005,466,000


Alsvin 1.3L M/T Comfort2.199.00052.0002,147,000
Alsvin 1.51 DCT Comfort2.449.00058.0002,391.000
Alsvin 1.5L DCT Lumlere2.650.00063,0002.587,000
Karvaan Base Model 1.01.490.00036.0001,454.000
Karvaan Plus1.640.00040.0001,600,000


Saga 1.3L Standard M/T1.975.00047.0001,928.000
Saga 1.3L Standard A/T2.125.00051.0002,074.000
Saga 1.3L ACE A/T2.225.00053.0002,172.000
X70 Executive AWD4.690.000112.0004,578,000
X70 Premium FWD4.990.000119.0004,871,000


Prince Pearl1.149.00071.0001,078.000
Glory 580 1.5T M/T4.049.00096.0003,955,000
Glory 580 1.5T CVT4.299.000102.0004,197,000
Glory 580 1.8 CVT4.449.000106.0004,343,000
Glory 580 Pro4.699.000112.0004,587,000


Bravo M/T1.149.00071.0001,078.000
Alpha 1.0 M/T1.445.00089.0001,356,000


XPV Standard1.274.00079.0001,195,000
XPV Dual AC1.304.00081.0001,223,000
XPV Power Edition1.344.00083.0001,261.000
V2 VCT-I1.609.00038.0001,571,000

Changan Master Motors Company has announced a reduction in the price of vehicles up to 4.5 lakhs. According to the details, Oshan X7 Future Sense of Changan Master Motors has been reduced by two and a half lakh rupees to 89 lakh 49 thousand rupees, the price of Oshan X7 Comfort Also, the price of Elson Lumire decreased by Rs. It became Rs. 1000. The price of Elson Comfort MT will also be reduced by Rs. 3.5 lakh, now the customers will get it for Rs. 3.7 lakh 99 thousand.

United Motors and Prince DFS have also reduced the prices of some of their models. I include United Bravo, United Alpha, and Prince Pearl. The price of United Bravo has been reduced by Rs 69,000 after which it has come down from Rs 1,099,000 to Rs 1,030,000. The price of United Alpha has been reduced by Rs 95,000. With this reduction, its price has come down from Rs. 1,445,000 to Rs. 1,350,000.

The price of Prince Pearl was earlier Rs. 1,199,000 which has been reduced by Rs. 88,000 and its new price has come down to Rs. It should be noted that the price of United Bravo was recently increased by United Motors by Rs. 240,000, which increased its price from Rs. 985,000 to Rs. 1199,000. In the same period, Prince Pearl The price was also increased.

Honda Atlas has announced a Rs 135,000 reduction in the price of its popular car, the Civic 1.5RS Turbo, after which the price has come down from Rs 4.7 million to Rs 4.56 million. The price of Honda Swivel 1.8 IVTech CVT has been reduced by Rs. 115,000, its new price has come down to Rs. 3.614 million. After which the price of this car has come down from Rs 3.98 million to Rs 3.86 million. The price of Honda’s BRV, which was introduced in the market a few years ago, has also been reduced by Rs 150,000. Yes, its new price will be Rs 3.37 million.

Kia Motors also announced a reduction in the price of various models? The price of the ‘Pacanto’ with a 1,000 cc engine has been reduced by Rs. 127,000, after which the car will be cheaper by Rs. The tax has come down to Rs 1.92 million. The price of the MT version of Pentanto has been reduced to Rs 118,000. The new price will be Rs 1.78 million.

After the appreciation of the rupee against the dollar, Kia Pakistan was the first local carmaker to cut the prices of its vehicles. Now this company has reduced the price of its cars for the second time. Now Company has reduced the prices of its vehicles ‘Sorento’ and Carnival by 20 lakh 91 thousand rupees. The price of the Sorento 2.4 liter four-wheel drive has been reduced by Rs 16 lakh 1 thousand, taking the price of this vehicle to Rs 91 lakh 99 thousand. The price of Sorento 2.4 liter all wheel drive has been reduced by Rs 19 lakh 51 thousand to Rs 92 lakh 49 thousand and the price of Sorento 3.5 liter four wheel drive has been reduced by Rs 20 lakh 91 thousand to Rs 96 lakh 99 thousand. Similarly, the price of Carnival Executive has been reduced by Rs 11.5 lakh to Rs 1.60 lakh.

Hyundai Nishat has also announced a reduction in car prices. The Hyundai Tuscan AWDAT Ultimate has been priced at Rs 130,000, after which the car has been reduced from Rs 5.47 million to Rs 5.6 million. Similarly, Hyundai Elantra has come down from Rs 4.05 million to Rs 3.9 million. The trend of car financing across the country has increased by 41%. Last financial year, the people got loans of Rs 211 billion for car financing and Rs 279 billion for the current financial year.

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