Meezan Bank Limited Hajj Application 2023 Price

Hajj is one of the five pillars of Islam and is mandatory, once in a lifetime, for adult Muslims having the requisite physical and financial capacity (Sahib-eIstetaat). Technological advancement has made Hajj easier in many ways, yet there are hardships owing to hot weather and the ever-increasing number of pilgrims visiting Makkah Mukkaramah i.e. a city with finite resources including those for accommodation.

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The Government of Pakistan, being a facilitator, endeavors to make the Hajj Manasik as comfortable as possible within the resources available and standards affordable by Pakistani Hujjaj, by making elaborate arrangements, through a transparent process, so that the pilgrims could perform their Hajj rituals as enshrined in the Quran and Sunnah.

Meezan Bank Limited Hajj Application 2023 Price

Meezan Bank Limited Hajj Application 2023 Price

Meezan Bank Limited will receive Hajj Application Forms

from 00-00- 2022 in all Branch in Pakistan.

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Meezan Bank Limited, Pakistan first and the largest Islamic Bank have announced the launch of new product Meezan Labbaik to facilitate customers for performing Hajj and Umrah and Ziyarat of holy places of Makkah and Madinah with comfort and peace of mind. This product will be available through its network of 166 branches in 40 cities across Pakistan under the name Meezan Labbaik – a completely Halal and Riba-free product.

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On opening a Meezan Labbaik account, Meezan Bank will facilitate the customers for all matters related to the Holy act of performing Hajj or Umrah and will provide one-stop facilities including Visa processing, ticketing through a designated travel agent, meet and assist, hotel reservations, Ziyaraat, and other travel arrangements. Meezan Bank has launched this product to provide comfort, convenience, and security to pilgrims so that they can perform Hajj and Umrah with peace of mind and at an affordable cost.

Meezan bank limited hajj application 2023 Pakistan

The specially designed packages are well-organized and competitively priced. Meezan Labbaik allows customers to save money to perform Hajj or Umrah or avail an installment plan to pay over a period of time. It is also available to customers who want to make the full payment upfront and proceed immediately for Hajj/Umrah. By offering this product, Meezan Bank has moved another major step in the direction of achieving its Vision of making Islamic Banking the banking of the first choice.

Meezan bank limited hajj application 2023 last date

The number of pilgrims under the Government Hajj Scheme would be 107,526. The application Forms (duly numbered), having security features, would be available from the designated banks, free of cost, and applicants would be required to submit application in the same bank branch along with Hajj dues.

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