Thursday , October 29 2020
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Kayseria Eid Collection 2020

Kayseria Eid Collection 2020

If you are at this point to be familiar with about Kayseria Eid Collection subsequently you are at the right lay to know. We will give you all the information about this brand. Kayseria is one of the top brands in women’s clothing and it starts work in the 19th century and now it is one of the leading brands in the clothing industry.

This is the only brand that always keeps its exclusivity and tries to blend modernity with conventionally crafted magic prints. The brand known for its incredible and exclusive outfits they produce and all outfits is fashioned under the direction of the designer so there is no doubt that this brand doesn’t give you exceptional and remarkable dresses for any occasion or any function. This brand is known for its clear, embellished, and inimitable work. This is the reason that not only Pakistani but also worldwide people love to put on dresses of this brand.

As you know that its summer now and many of you are restive coming up for its new collection for eid and this brand is now operational on this collection Once they launch this collection you can easily get any outfit from this collection. This collection includes all types of outfits that you want and this brand knows very well that which type of dresses customer like and love to wear on this coming festival of Eid.

In this collection, this brand tries to give the new idea about dresses and with awesome colors of dresses make this brand better to all other brands and to its competitors. This collection included some neutral colors of outfits which are also the sign of pride and style, but when united with new flawless color groupings, the clothing becomes distinctive and important


Rejoice festive of Eid with Kayseria EID Collection 19’ IN STORES & ONLINE. CLAIM your cash EIDI & bangles on every purchase on stores & 10% DISCOUNT on invoice for online. To shop visit stores or online.

Celebrating this Festive Season with Kayseria Pret stitched EID collection 19’ IN STORES & ONLINE NOW.
Printed angrakha with Embroidery and lawn dupatta for PKR 2,990.

Celebrating this Festive Season with Kayseria Classic Unstitched Eid collection 20 IN STORES & ONLINE NOW.
Printed and embroidered suit with poly net dupatta for PKR 5,990.