Jeep rally Cholistan 2024 Date, Schedule & Winner

Bahawalpur: The 19th TDCP Jeep Rally in Cholistan Desert concluded with Zain Mehmood winning the Prepared category and Mehm Firoz winning the Women category.

صحرائے چولستان میں 19ویں ٹی ڈی سی پی جیپ ریلی  
پریپیئرڈ کیٹیگری
پہلا نمبرزین محمود
دوسرا نمبرجعفر مگسی
خواتین کیٹیگری
پہلا نمبرمہم فیروز
دوسرا نمبردینا پٹیل
تیسرا نمبرلالین
اسٹاک کیٹیگری
پہلا نمبربلال چوہدری
دوسرا نمبرایم مروت

The opening ceremony of the 19th Cholistan Jeep Rally will be held at Central Library on February 20. Registration, technical inspection, drivers’ conference will be held on February 21 for Cholistan Jeep Rally 2024 in Pakistan.

Cholistan Jeep rally 2024 date

The cholistan jeep rally 2024 qualifying round of all categories will be held on February 22. The first round of the prepared category race will be held on February 23. Hoga whose track is laid from Dalosh Dahar to Jamgarh. On February 24, there will be a stock category race from Dalosh Dahar to Bajnot and a cultural night.

Jeep rally Cholistan 2024 Date, Schedule & Winner

Cholistan jeep rally 2024 Winner

Cholistan Jeep Rally was won by Zain Mehmood. Zain Mehmood, the winner of the rally, covered the total distance of 462 kilometers in 3 hours and 51 minutes.

Jafar Magsi is on second Position. Jafar Magsi, who came second, covered the total distance in 4 hours and 4 minutes. Sahibzada Sultan finished the distance in 4 hours and 9 minutes and got third Position.

  • First Position Zain Mehmood
  • 2nd Position Jafar Magsi
  • 3rd Position Sahibzada Sultan

Cholistan Jeep rally 2024 results

cholistan jeep rally 2024 winner. The qualifying round of the 19th Cholistan Jeep Rally has concluded in Bahawalpur. In the Jeep Rally, 104 vehicle drivers including 5 female drivers showed their driving skills in the qualifying round. Faisal Shadikhel completed the three kilometer track in 1 minute 5.15 seconds.

Mir Nadir Magsi came second who covered the distance in 1 minute 5.17 seconds, Zain Mehmood crossed the finish line in 1 minute 7.56 seconds.

In the women’s category, Salma Marwat covered the distance in 1 minute 13.27 seconds. About 40 drivers, including Nader Magsi, Faisal Shadikhel, Zain Mehmood, will leave for the track for the prepared category of the Jeep Rally. A track of 236 km has been built for the first phase.

cholistan jeep rally 2024 schedule

TDCP cholistan jeep rally 2024 schedule will be announced. Over one hundred and fifty car racers from across the country are participating in the rally sponsored by Tourism Development Corporation Punjab

and Defence Housing Authority.

چولستان جیپ ریلی2024  ویں 19
جیپ ریلی تقرب نور محل بہاولپور20 فروری
گاڑیوں کی رجسٹریشن21 فروری
تمام گاڑیوں کا کوالیفائنگ راؤنڈ22 فروری
پریپیر گاڑیوں کی ریس23 فروری
سٹاک کیٹاگری کی ریس24 فروری
میوزیکل نائٹ اور آتشبازی24 فروری
فائنل راؤنڈ25 فروری

23 FEBRUARY, 2024

Departure for Bahawalpur, En-route short breaks for Lunch. Arrival and check in Hotel Bahawalpur. After rest & freshen. Evening visit old city and Noor Mahal. Dinner at Noor Mahal Overnight stay at Bahawalpur.

24 FEBRUARY, 2024

After Breakfast, Departure for Derawar, arrival and visit / witness the thrilling TDCP Jeep Rally, enjoying the camel safari, visit of Derawar Fort, Shahi Mosque, Royal Graveyard, Culture Night, Fireworks. Overnight stay at Derawar in Camp.

25 FEBRUARY, 2024

Departure for Lahore, enroute visit to Uch Sharif Shrine. Short Breaks enroute, Arrival at Lahore.

Jeep rally Cholistan 2024 Date, Schedule & Winner

Transport with fuel and toll one night Hotel room on sharing basis with continental breakfast. One night in tent on sharing basis with continental breakfast. Entry tickets at places of interest. Camel safari at Derawar Fort. Guide Services.

During the rally, the culture, civilization, lifestyle, food of Cholistan are of special interest to the tourists coming from outside. The Cholistan Jeep Rally was started in 2005 in which women drivers along with famous local and foreign male drivers also participate. This three to four day game not only provides entertainment but also highlights the great cultural heritage of Bahawalpur, the richest state of the erstwhile subcontinent.

Bahawalpur is located in the south of Punjab. The Abbasid dynasty ruled the state for 200 years (1748 to 1954). Saraiki is the local language, but Urdu, Punjabi and English are also spoken and understood. Bahawalpur is surrounded by 300 miles of river. Located along Sutlej and Indus River.

International Cholistan Desert Rally started back in 2005 and has since grown in leaps and bounds. The upcoming rally will mark this event’s 15th edition which reflects its ever-increasing popularity. The event portrays a positive and softer image of Pakistan abroad and bring to highlight the real beauty of south Punjab’s landscape. Besides promoting tourism, such events also enhance the livelihood of the locals.

The prime objective to hold this event in the heart of Cholistan desert is to show outside world its history and rich culture and open this area as a winter tourist destination.

winner of cholistan jeep rally 2024

The rally has covered the area of Bahawalnagar, Bahawalpur, and Rahim Yar Khan District of Punjab. You can check the Cholistan Jeep Rally Winner list 2022 on our page. Every year in the month of February, the Cholistan Jeep Rally is held in which thousands of people from all over the world participate.

This rally covers three districts of Punjab, including Rahim Yar Khan, Bahawalnagar, and Bahawalpur. The rally is divided into three different categories – Stock, Prepared and Women category. Stock and Prepared categories are further divided into 4 categories (A, B, C, D).

cholistan jeep rally track length

The Organizer of Jeep Rally Cholistan has mentioned that Sahibzada Sultan has won the championship of jeep rally in Pakistan. Cholistan jeep rally track length has been arranged in Punjab Pakistan. Read the name of winners First, second and third positioning name. The Jeep Rally route was fixed up to 500 Kilometers in which so many deserts were covered in the route of Cholistan Jeep Rally. The Cholistan Jeep Rally is one of the major events in Pakistan.

Cholistan Jeep Rally Winner List 2023 has been declared officially. The first position got by Sahibzada Sultan while 2nd Mir Nadir Magsi and the third position got by Jaffar Imran. Get the Cholistan Jeep Rally Winner List 2023 attached to the list. A large audience was present to see and manage the rally.

cholistan jeep rally track map

This jeep rally is held by TDCP and the Tourism department of Pakistan. The Jeep Rally was flagged off by Tourism Department and TDCP authority. Not only vehicles but also bike riders from all over Pakistan joined the race in the Jeep Rally. Men, as well as women, also took part in the Jeep Rally.


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