HEC Undergraduate and MPhil/PhD Policy 2024

HEC Undergraduate and MPhil/PhD Policy 2024

The Higher Education Commission of Pakistan has approved for universities and degree colleges across the country, both policies will be applicable from the same year 2023 and will be effective from new admissions.  By adopting the undergraduate policy, the features of the two-year associate degree and four-year BS programs have been clarified.

There have been major changes in the admissions, framework and program structure at the undergraduate and MPhil/PhD level, whereby the two-year Associate Degree (AD) is now offered in public and private colleges affiliated to universities. Examination results in the program will be released on the basis of “CGPA” rather than grades or divisions.

HEC New Ph.D. Policy Notification

Students wishing to pursue a four-year BS program must also have a 2.0 CGPA in the AD program for admission to the fifth semester of the university, while the two-year AD program also requires an internship of 3 credit hours similar to the BS program. has been made mandatory.

The subject of entrepreneurship has also been made compulsory in general education in all disciplines of the associate degree and BS program, while in the four-year BS program, its credit hours have gone up to 168, facilitating dual specialization (double major) for the first time. However, associate degree credit hours are set at 60 to 72 and normal BS program (single major) credit hours are set at 120 to 144.

In the undergraduate policy, the compulsory General Education subjects will be of 30 credit hours only and these subjects must be completed in the first 4 semesters in BS on the Associate Degree model. As per the approved MPhil/PhD policy with major changes, the passing marks of the test at MPhil level and 70% at PhD level have been raised to 60% if the entrance test is conducted by the respective university itself.

If a student wants to pursue PhD under interdisciplinary qualification, he/she has to clear the entrance test with 70% marks along with other requirements. In case of outsourced test (GRE/GAT/HAT) passing marks of 50% for entrance test at MPhil level and 60% for Ph.D.

In the interim approved MPhil/PhD policy, a new written test comprehensive exam has also been introduced at the time of thesis submission which was not there before, this exam will be compulsory for every student who completes course work and research work. Practical learning lab (sports, youth club and intern internship) has been removed from the approved undergraduate policy and 3 credit hours of internship has been made mandatory in associate degree and BS program in the name of field experience.