Thursday , February 9 2023

HEC New Ph.D. Policy Notification

HEC New Ph.D. Policy Notification

The Higher Education Commission of Pakistan has notified the new Ph.D. policy with major and significant changes.

According to the notification of the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan, this policy will be applied simultaneously for the production of quality PhDs in universities across the country. However, alumni can benefit from some part of the policy.

HEC New Ph.D. Policy Notification

The notification cites annexure 1.8 of the policy as per section 4.4B which deals with the evaluation of theses and the evaluation of Ph.D. theses can now be done by Pakistani professors and if the student submits his research paper X category. If published in the Journal of K, his Ph.D. theses can be sent to only one professor for evaluation. Even pre-enrolled Ph.D. students will now be able to benefit from this provision of the policy.

Furthermore, in order to obtain a Ph.D. degree as per clause 4.5, it is necessary to publish a research paper in the category of “y”. If a student fails to complete his / her research within this period due to some unavoidable reason, the competent authority may grant him/her a further two years.

The new Ph.D. policy issued by the Higher Education Commission, for the first time in the history of Pakistan, has removed the requirement for aspiring doctoral students to pursue a Ph.D. in their own discipline. Students will be able to do a Ph.D. directly later. Students can also do a Ph.D. in one of the other “disciplines” with conditions. The doors of the M.Phil Leading Cap for students are closed. However, during the Ph.D. Only MS / M.Phil degree can be obtained on the basis of required qualification.

Similarly, Ph.D. students have been barred from staying in their home country for at least two years in the required period. Experts will also be allowed to be sent. According to the policy draft, the new policy is applicable from January 1, 2021.

The minimum required qualification for admission to the Ph.D. program is “BS” or equivalent degree. Students who have reached the required qualification for completion of MS / Phil can be assigned the said certificate as per their intention and Ph.D. Candidates applying for enrollment will also be allowed to issue MS / M.Phil degree in case they meet the required standards during their doctoral studies.