How to Use Hayat app in Pakistan

KARACHI: Aga Khan University’s health and wellness assistant app has been awarded a silver medal under the International Digital Health Awards 2023. The app named ‘Hayat App’ has been awarded in the Mobile Digital Health Resources category, The burden on doctors and medical staff, paper work, traditional data entry, and other things are reduced.

How to Use Hayat app in Pakistan

Thus the process of care, governance and accountability becomes faster and better. The Hayat app is a mobile health platform that provides users with access to a wide range of health services, including doctor consultations, lab tests, and medication delivery. The app was developed by the Hayat Foundation, a non-profit organization that is committed to improving access to healthcare in developing countries.

Hayat app in Pakistan

Hayat app helps in reproductive, maternal and child health and primary care facilities. Hayat Lady bridges the gap between the health worker and the immunization program. Health workers can instantly know the birth and health information of the child. This information reaches a center in real time. With this, vaccines and other aid can be given in time.

The Hayat app is a great way to access quality healthcare in Pakistan. The app is easy to use and affordable, and it provides users with access to a wide range of health services. 441,000 people have benefited so far thanks to the app introduced in 2019. 192000 awareness sessions have been conducted from this. About 12,000 health workers are using Hayat to provide services to people in the most underprivileged and remote areas.

The Hayat app has also been awarded the Commonwealth of Nations International Health Award (CWDHA). A total of 800 digital medical products were presented at the International Digital Health Awards 2023. A panel of judges comprising world-renowned experts has awarded the Hayat app with a silver medal.

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