Exam Prep Master For Online Preparation For Matriculation exams

Exam Prep Master For Online Preparation For Matriculation examinations

ISLAMABAD: For the convenience of teachers and students in Pakistan, the “Knowledge Platform” has introduced Exam Prep Master for online preparation for matriculation exams, which is a completely free platform. This Platform is an innovative online learning platform that provides innovative learning opportunities to students in Pakistan.

Exam Prep Master For Online Preparation For Matriculation exams

9th & 10th-grade students who are studying in Islamabad or Punjab education boards and want to apply for matriculation exams for July 2021, can fully prepare through this platform. The Knowledge Platform has introduced a suitable solution for students and teachers so that students can prepare for the matriculation exam in a short time.

Exam Prep Master is an online platform that provides questions and answers, chat sheets, and old papers for practice. The main feature of this facility is that it is absolutely free and includes ninth and tenth-grade science subjects such as biology, chemistry, math,s and physics lessons and exam papers.

Students can also make their own tests through this platform and find out how much they have prepared for the exam. There are 2 mock tests for students to prepare for the exam in which 20 questions are given for each subject. Additional tests will be added each week, the report of which will be available immediately, which will give the students an idea of ​​their strengths and weaknesses.

Students can use this platform at their home via mobile, laptop, tablet at their convenience. Students can prepare for the exam by registering themselves on the online platform Learn Smart Pakistan.

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